Oro: Opus Primum - UFOmammut

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  1. Jul 7, 2013
    Ninety-four minutes of epic doom/prog metal, split into ten tracks over two discs: Italian metal gods UFOmammut upped the stakes from their previous high point (the 45-minute concept about the first woman, 2010's Eve) and reached a new high point (wink). Descriptive words are lost on music like this: extreme, exhilarating, all you can really do is crank the volume. Memorably described by the Quietus as the soundtrack to Homer Simpson's famous chili-induced desert hallucination, this monolithic psychedelic metal opus burns with a seething fire, peaking and relaxing as it pleases, keeping you enthralled in its loving lava grip. Did I mention to turn up the volume? Don't expect to be the same after completing this journey. Full Review »