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  • Summary: British electronica artist Ben Jacobs returns from a six year absence to release his third album under the Max Tundra name.
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  1. It's packed with ideas, some of which work beautifully and some of which are just a joy to hear play out, but most of all, it's still a whole other world of pop music--an absolutely unique, enchanting, and irreplaceable vision of how the stuff can work.
  2. This year has bubbled and bleeped with the sound of bedroom electronica that harks back to the past, but the third album by Max Tundra--aka London producer Ben Jacobs--is the most joyful of all.
  3. 80
    What Max has created as a result is nothing short of amazing.
  4. He still dabbles in more-chin-stroking fare, but he's able to ground his adventures in enough melody to preserve the album's flow--and your bearings.
  5. His maniacal energy is infectious. [Nov 2008, p.77]
  6. On his third album, experimental electro sounds that initially seem grating and disparate weave together to form bona fide pop melodies.
  7. The decision to release the limited edition of Parallax as a literal soup can is apt--this one is a rather diverse broth of fey sounds brought to a twee-funk boil. [Year End 2008]

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