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  1. Apr 10, 2013
    Some of the criticism fans have been laying against this album is just ridiculous. If anything, Paramore has blossomed musically with this album, which is easily their best. The sound is so diverse, there's more than just guitars and electronica: there's ukeleles, string sections, harmonicas and even a gospel choir. If that's not ambition I don't know what is. Maybe it's their lyrics, there's many songs that reflect on their troubles with Farros but they're also declaring that they're moving on and willing to try new things. Highlights include Part II, Still into You, Ain't It Fun and Future. After all the drama Paramore's faced over the last three years, they've come out the other side as a multi-dimensional band who's willing to push their own limits, marking their greatest artistic statement. Expand
  2. Apr 9, 2013
    Great Album. Waiting for a long time for their new songs. And finally, they delivered best music of their life. And have they changed? They tried to show the variety in their music with this album and we can hope that they know what works for them and make similar music in future albums. My favorite track from the album is 'Still Into You'. Hayley's vocal prowess is a show-off in that track and the music is quite catchy too. Expand
  3. Apr 9, 2013
    Paramore is back and better than ever! Paramore's self-titled album is utterly brilliant and filled with a diversity of music, in fact this album is actually much, much better than the other albums that Paramore has released. This album would have got a flawless 10 out of 10 rating if some songs were just a little bit better, but that aside, this album is fantastic. There will be some Paramore fans upset with their departure from teen rock, but this album brings a more creativity and experiment sound to their discography, and it's brilliant. I highly recommend this album and I hope for more albums like this in the future. Expand
  4. Apr 12, 2013
    This is is their best release to date, in my opinion. It shows maturity, growth, and more feeling. Paramore is hear to stay, folks. It shows that they can do it without the Farros. It showcases Hayley's songwriting skills. It's a great album, worth picking up at the store or for downloading.
  5. Apr 9, 2013
    Great album. All of the tracks are fun to listen and fluid (including the interludes). Outstanding album, that will break your heart with Still Into You and empowered with Now. If you're a Paramore fan, it's definately worth the buy.
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    Overall, its hard to say anything cumulatively negative about the album. Its not perfect no, but its pretty darn close. The lows here would be a highlight on most albums any day of the week. Paramore has shown tremendous growth with each album, from kids on Falling, to teens on Riot!, to young adults on Brand New Eyes, and finally to adults on Paramore. Its amazing to see that from good albums, they make great ones. Buy this album, and the rest of their discography. The next one will be perfect, I can almost guarantee it. Expand
  7. May 4, 2013
    This is easily one of the more talked about & one of the most polarizing albums of 2013 so far, and not without good reason. Between 2/5 band members leaving, this being their first album in 4 years & more importantly showing a significant change in sound, division among fan reception would be inevitable. Fortunately what we’ve gotten is their most ambitious, mature & diverse album to date, and in my opinion their best, even above Riot!. At 17 tracks and 63 minutes long (19 tracks & 70 minutes if you include the bonus tracks) it’s quite easy to make an album of such length feel bogged down or redundant. But Paramore manages to engage the listener throughout the whole length, mainly because of the aforementioned diversity. The band zig-zags from one sound or style or feeling to another between tracks in a way that makes every track notable to some degree, and there’s no sign of filler to be found. One interesting recurring element here is a trio of interludes that appear at different points throughout. Basically they’re 1-minute pseudo-lo-fi acoustic songs that couldn’t have been stretched to a more “full” length. This was a good move, as restricting them to the standard pop structure might’ve bogged them down a bit. Unquestionably the most controversial song here is the most recent single “Still into You”, which people are accusing of being too poppy, and even the ever-overused term “sellout” has been thrown around. And to those claiming this is “meant for the Katy Perry crap tween girl audience” or whatever I have to ask... are you listening to these lyrics? They very clearly detail a long-term & mature relationship. Not exactly “Hey I just met you & this is crazy”. Heck, if anything this is a song for old people. But with that defensiveness out of the way, this is a great song. It’s an unabashedly bubblegummy power-pop tune with a nice guitar riff, infectious melodies & the aforementioned sweet & sincere message. This album in general seems to center lyrically on moving forward, looking to the future rather than hanging onto the past (like certain “fans” should do...), and being happy in your current situation. They’re not exactly angsty teenagers anymore. And they even at times come off very self-aware of how alienating these changes can be to a closed-minded fanbase, especially in tracks like “Grow Up”, “Anklebiters” & “Future”, where in the former the general message is summed up in the titular line “Some up of have to grow up sometimes If I have to I’m gonna leave you behind” as well as pretty much every line in the first verse. It displays the honest frustration an evolving musician experiences when people whine about them not being exactly the same as they were 7 years ago. But at the same time they manage to appreciate the past at times, like in “Part II” which is a pretty clear sequel to “Let the Flames Begin” from Riot!, and in my opinion surpasses it in quality. The 8-minute monster of a closing track (on the standard edition) Future is easily my favorite track here. The first couple minutes are fairly simple & intimate, comprising of an acoustic guitar, harmonica & Hayley singing about the titular & aforementioned themes of not living in the past. But then slowly but surely it builds into the last 5 minutes, a fantastic instrumental that rides a slow & heavy (for Paramore) groove driven by pounding drums, deep basslines & huge wailing guitar leads. As for other notable tracks, there’s the soft & sensitive ballad “Hate to See Your Heart Break”, the goofy & kinda funny “(One of Those) Crazy Girls”, the keyboard & gospel-tinged “Ain’t It Fun” & those looking for “classic” Paramore can find that in bonus tracks “Native Tongue” & “Escape Route”, which the band said they purposefully left off because it didn’t fit with the stylistic growth of the rest of the album. Overall I was pretty much blown away by this album. It’s a fantastic comeback that shows the band at their most creative & uncompromising.

    Top 5 tracks: Future, Still into You, Grow Up, Ain’t It Fun, Now
    Score: 94/100
  8. Apr 12, 2013
    I am really impressed with the writing and more positive spin on the album as a whole. As an avid listener of all Paramore albums, it can get a little repetitive listening to the "teen raging" songs all the time. This new album feels grown-up while keeping Paramore's signature sounds of alternative rock and Hayley's loud, rebellious singing. The Gospel/Funk song "Ain't It Fun" was impressive to me, I would have never predicted that Hayley William's could sing so well in that style. I do believe that in the past version of this band, the album would have been edited differently and some songs would have been left out in order to create a cohesive, theme-based album, but it's the all-or-nothing musical ambition that makes this album stand out among the previous three albums and emulates their maturity as they grow into serious musicians. Expand
  9. Apr 13, 2013
    The release of rock group Paramore’s eponymous fourth album is going to be scrutinized even more than usual due to the very public loss of two of the band’s founding members, brothers Josh and Zac Farro. The Tennessee band- whose previous hit, “The Only Exception”, earned them a Grammy nomination- is now reduced to Hayley Williams on vocals, Taylor York on guitar, and Jeremy Davis on bass. However, the band is one to take a licking and keep on ticking, as proved by their 2009 effort “Brand New Eyes” and this new record.

    “Fast In My Car” kicks off the album with a hardcore percussive beat and immediately addresses the behind the scenes drama with lyrics like, “The three of us were initiates/We had to learn how to deal/And when we spotted a second chance/We had to learn how to steal”, just to name a few. “Now”, the album’s first single, is a pure head-banger, while at the same time recalling good old Paramore tracks like “Misery Business”.

    Williams’ fiery vocals are here in spades, but aren’t as in-your-face as with their other albums. She gives her fellow bandmates spots to shine, though that’s not to say she doesn’t pull through- quite the opposite. Her performance on “Paramore” is much more emotionally driven than something like “That’s What You Get”, or “Brick By Boring Brick”: songs that were written and performed as heavy attacks. It’s clear that the Farros’ departure has affected not only Williams’ songwriting, but her drive as well, which is especially clear on songs like “Ain’t It Fun”, which has Williams sharing the stage with a full-fledged choir, “Hate To See Your Heart Break”, a well-earned detour from the rest of the album’s intensity, and “Last Hope”, which will go down with “All I Wanted” as one of Williams’ most intensely personal performances ever.

    For hardcore Paramore fans, the band’s new direction may take some getting used to, as it did for this reviewer. But “Paramore” takes advantage of this reload, while still giving fans a lot to work with- The album’s 17 tracks clock in at a little over an hour. It’s the band’s best work yet and flat-out, bar none good music. If all this drama makes for an album this good, one wonders what the rest of their career will be like.
  10. Apr 23, 2013
    Great album! Paramore albums always seemed rather one-note to me so the diversity here is refreshing. Also, as if it hasn't been said enough around the web, Rubin is a great improvement on drums. The musicianship here is rock solid. Who would have thought that losing their founding members would be what they needed to finally blossom?
  11. Jun 3, 2013
    This album too a while to grow on me. After listening through it about a dozen times and seeing most of it preformed live i can say this album is better then a lot say it is. Yes it is very different, but this change is like a breath of fresh air. I can't say i love every song on this album hence the rating of 9 but i can say that the songs i do like pull me in and leave me wanting more every time. So before you write this off as a bad album give it a listen and try and see if you can adapt to this new twist on Paramore. Expand
  12. Oct 25, 2013
    This album is different for sure, but its so diverse and well written that its a fantastic listen, there is a song for anyone, whether you want electro-pop, rock, country, funk, its a step in the right direction for paramore
  13. Apr 10, 2013
    I think this album is outstanding Every band and artist changes. They music style isn't going to stay the same because of time change The stuff that they previously write was emo and punk. That stuff is hard to write. I love the new power pop, indie rock sound to their music. She still a good song writers I am not disappointed at all. I never been a huge fan of paramore. Halley music and songs not going to sound the same because she's older and she doesn't think like she did two years ago anymore. She's not a teenager anymore. She's 24 years old and I knew that she wouldn't write the same type of songs for this album. I'm about the same age of Haley (one year younger) and three years ago I used to write emo songs and poems but in three years a lot can change. I think everybody how expect the old music should give this album a chance. It's not about you. Most of thier fans how grew up with them and about the same age might understand, but if became a paramore fan over the last five years then you might end up hating this album. I think they should cont. making indie rock music They might change back into that emo pink, depending on what happening in her life. Expand
  14. May 28, 2013
    Paramore without the Farro brothers to many, is not Paramore. But this self-titled effort is so good, that you forget they were even in the band. This is definitely their best album. Experimenting with new wave, indietronica synths, power pop sounds, ukuleles, alternative country music, and soul singing styles and gospel choirs, Paramore seems like a self-discovery effort. They truly show how much they've grown and how much the Farro's departure has affected them, but that they've moved on and it's all fine. Starting with Fast In My Car, a rebellious, anxious piece of punky power pop with a fun use of new wave sounds, it's one of the most adventerous tracks. Now has a much more alternative rock, almost hardcore feel with some of te best vocals by Hayley Williams, a spunky, soulful singer with an amazing voice, which shows extensive range. Grow Up is a track with a Caribbean beat and some No Doubt inspired ska rock rhythms and drums, all topped with some new wave, indietronic synths. Perhaps, the most adventurous track is Ain't It Fun, the obvious highlight of the album. That soul in Hayley's voice, the funk rock feel, the sarcasm in its lyrics, the larger-than-life gospel choir, all of that makes Ain't It Fun an instant classic. Part II is another noteworthy track which has great lyrics and resembles some of the band's previous work. Daydreaming is an amazing song that could have also been used for an album opener with its dream pop sound and alt-rock surroundings. Still Into You, another obvious highlight, is Paramore's most blatant, straightforward pop song of their career. Hayley's voice is demanding and effective. She truly makes you feel like she really is into you. On Proof, Hayley sounds tough and like all the proof she really does need is her squeeze. On Hate To See Your Heart Break, a country-esque ballad, Hayley is sweet and vulnerable. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls is a track recalling the most recent alternative country stylings of Best Coast, channeling Taylor Swift for lovelorn, crazy-in-love lyrics. It's an impressive feat. Anklebiters is a track that poses as a marriage of Paramore's older punk sound and their newer, power pop arrangements. A fan favorite, for sure. The interludes offer some diversity to the already vast sounds on Paramore, with the simple use of a ukulele and Hayley's crooning vocal. In all, Paramore is a success story. An album heavily inspired by the departure of the Farros, but also an album of self-discovery and experimentation. Fans looking for the classic Paramore sound will be disappointed, but the open-minded ones who welcome new sounds and don't throw fits at every little sound out of the Paramore norm are the ones who count. Paramore is one of the best albums of the year and a monster achievement for the band.
    HIGHLIGHTS: Ain't It Fun, Still Into You, Grow Up, Daydreaming, Fast In My Car, (One Of Those) Crazy Girls, Part II, Proof
  15. Apr 15, 2013
    Paramore are reborn.

    This album is amazing. Some of it quite different to stuff they've done before, some stuff feels quite familiar. It took me a while to get into the album, but now I have I love almost every song. I love the electronic influences. Hayley has done a great job adapting to the new line up and there are some great lyrics on the album. It's a bittersweet goodbye to the
    old Paramore, but this album makes me excited for their future. Expand
  16. Apr 9, 2013
    I have been waiting so long for this album and boy an i not disappointing. Paramore is back and better then ever. My standout tracks are: Still Into You, Part II and Future.
  17. Apr 13, 2013
    Paramore is back with new stuff after 4 years without coming out of the box, but many "FANS" are complaining about the new sound, so here's a little message for them: you are not the same person from the day you were born until now. you've changed, you've grown. and so did paramore. if you can't handle it, sorry, but that's how things are. they're better then ever, and let's face it, you wouldn't be satisfied even if they've made a spin-off of riot!. you guys are ridiculous. Expand
  18. May 13, 2013
    It really surprised me with this album. When i hear "Now" notice a big change in the sound of them. I honestly never thought I would give the criticism "Universal acclaim" but it was the opposite, so I encourage you to hear this new work. The band has been reduced to three members, but Paramore has shown in this work that do not need a large group to show the world that, despite their bad times, they know how to get ahead.
    If you are a true fan of Paramore, obviously I love this job, but if you liked the old style of Paramore, then you will not find this work very good. But, so what? This is a new beginning that leads to a new look and, most importantly, a new sound, really knew innovate.

    As a new feature we highlight three interludes, all with the same indie-country sound we had never heard Paramore. In fact, it is a very popular type of music in Tennessee, the place where they come from.

    With this album, the Paramore are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives, which is why I consider a good job, not all age groups are willing to take these risks getting, well, good reception.
  19. Apr 23, 2013
    I've been waiting for this album for awhile now, and I'm pretty damn happy. They gave us a bit of the old paramore, some tracks mixed with synth beats, and a bit of folk; I found this to be a very diverse and enjoyable album.
  20. Jul 21, 2014
    Na minha opinião melhor álbum do Paramore, com músicas geniais, batida perfeitas, tudo pra ser um CD icônico, eles melhoraram muito ao longo do tempo, até chegar a esse som maduro e muito bom.
  21. Apr 9, 2013
    This album is absolutely PERFECT. One of the best releases of 2013. Paramore is changing from now till then, but what matters the most is that they're still very good. Like VERY VERY good. And this album is no different than their previous critical success. The album kicks off the with awesome intense Fast in my car, the comes the addicting lead single "NOW", Then "Grow Up" and "Daydreaming" which are very impressive. The one I like the most is Moving On, the interlude. All the other songs are very well-done and organized, like "Hate To See Your Heartbreak", "STILL INTO YOU" (which is my favorite on the record), "Ain't It Fun", "ANKLEBITERS", and "PART II". And Hayley's vocals shine through the whole deal!
    Even if you're not a Paramore fan, Go out and buy this. It's worth the time and the money. 10/10. GO PARAMORE!
  22. Apr 9, 2013
    I've been a huge fan of Paramore since day one, and this album was far from disappointing. In fact, it was inspiring. I was inspired by the growth that the band has demonstrated. This album is better than All We Know Is Falling, RIOT!, and brand new eyes. Basically, this album proves that Paramore is better off without the Farro Brothers.

    Admittedly, the opening song is mediocre
    compared to the rest of the album. Fast In My Car. HOWEVER, the rest of the tracks make up for it. If I had to make one change, I would make Now the opener instead and put Fast In My Car later on.

    High Points: Grow Up, Ain't it Fun, Part II, Proof.
    Low Points: Fast In My Car (only lyrically).

    Not all Paramore fans will like this album, which is fine. They just didn't come in with an open mind.
  23. Apr 10, 2013
    I was a bit scared for this album, but it surprised me! Every track has its different sound. There is something here for everyone. Some of their strongest and most mature music yet. Hayley is growing up!
  24. Apr 11, 2013
    This Album is pure gold from beginning to end, maybe it changed from what Paramore used to sound but the changed for good and this sounds really cool with new electronic sounds, this is a must have album Paramore put great effort in this and is reflected in their music....
  25. Apr 11, 2013
    This album is the prime example of what happens when a band GROWS UP. The old songs by Paramore were about the hardships of life through a teenager's eyes. Songs like "Misery Business" and "crushcrushcrush" were great, (and dominated the songs played on my iPod in 2007 and 2008) but had little sustenance, and very straight forward lyrics. There was no deeper meanings to the songs that make good songs great. The band actually said that they looked to reinvent themselves as a more mature band with the release of this album. This increased maturity is seen in songs like "Last Hope" and "Part 2." Not only are they written very well, but they are also performed well for a band who only has three actual members.
    One thing that people seem to be getting upset about is the change, saying that they don't "sound like Paramore" anymore. Well, you also have to remember that half of the band left, and that they actually stated that they are TRYING to change. I understand that this comparison will be a stretch, but when the Beatles changed from naive love songs to psychedelic masterpieces, what was the outcome? They created some of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time and the band THRIVED from it. So stop expecting the old emo- pop that they grew famous for. Expect songs with deeper meanings, well written melodies, and intense guitar solos.
  26. Apr 15, 2013
    Okay so I have always been a huge fan of Paramore so it was pretty likely that I was going to score this highly. All I can say is if you weren't a massive fan of Paramore before this album then I urge you to give it a try. There is still the distinctive sound that we associate with Paramore, however there are lots of great added elements to it. This may not be the loyal "Parawhore's" favourite album or for the people that "only love alt rock" but it's their loss. In my opinion there is something in there for everyone, from the slow "Hate To See Your Heart Break" to the poppy and upbeat "Still Into You" and "Anklebiters" you're bound to love something. This album is brilliant and is only bought down by one point as I don't believe it is the best lyrically. But believe me, Paramore are back, and they're better than ever. Expand
  27. May 17, 2013
    this is a great album
    something paramore crue never done before
    its unique and random full of lots of genres
    great! i love this album very much and that's they're best album so far
  28. Jul 11, 2013
    Even being so pop, they know how to make music. An excellent album with excellent songs since the gospel choired 'Ain't it Fun' until the pop ballad '(One of Those) Crazy Girls', passing by the rock of 'Now' and 'Anklebiters'.
  29. Dec 10, 2013
    Realistically I would only give this album an 8 but there have been too many people giving it ridiculously low scores.I never much cared for Paramore in the past and really only listened to this because they were playing a festival.There's a lot of good stuff on this album,some stand out cuts and because it's 64 minutes long a little filler but overall a totally solid effort.I like their experimentation,the fact that the songs are diverse,I also like the fact than when it's time to rock hard, rock hard they do.
    I believe the professional critical response is correct.For the most part they are not weighing in on what Paramore should sound like but what Paramore has become.If one wishes they had remade their previous albums, get over it, they've left the past behind.
    As for the Farro brothers, if they were the prime movers behind Paramore, what are they doing now? They haven't released anything, there is no talk of them releasing anything.I, for one, am very curious if they will ever release anything and if it will be worth releasing.If they're the geniuses, now that they've shucked Hayley,Jeremy and Taylor (those no talent anchors, weighing them down) whatever they release should be a masterwork, right? Maybe We'll find out maybe We won't.
    And as mentioned earlier I saw Paramore at the festival and then I saw them 2 more times after that, still not crazy about the old stuff but the new songs were killer live particularly "Ain't It Fun"( the show stopper in My opinion), "Part II" and "Fast In My Car"
  30. Oct 20, 2013
    an album with much variety that not only please the fans like me but it also infect people who have not heard the 16 songs strong and innovative.......
  31. Jul 23, 2013
    As a fan I had to say this album is not their best, but is amazing. In this album Paramore explored new things, and this is cool. Even Brand New Eyes and Riot! being better, this album is still good
  32. Nov 7, 2013
    Everything about this album is perfect. As a fan since 2007, I'm completely satisfied. All of these changes was important for them to grow. They're definitely writing their future as the rock band they were born to be.
  33. Dec 9, 2013
    i can't remember the last time i heard a really good pop-rock album. 'paramore' is just amazing, i don't have words to describe this album, just 'epic'. i think this is the best album of 2013. hayley's voice is so incredible and each song is so amazing and different. i love 'now, 'fast in my car', 'ain't it fun', 'still into you', 'hate to see your heart break', 'one of those crazy girls', 'part 2' and 'proof' Expand
  34. Mar 21, 2014
    It may alienate some listeners because of its evolved sound, but trust me, this album is SOOOOO GOOD. Its diversity is sprawling-- sometimes polished, sometimes chaotic, but the overall feel of the album is heavenly. Their lyrics also evolved and sometimes improved, lesser whining but sometimes it also gets a bit off-putting since they sound too angry at times. But anyways, this is my favorite album by Paramore. Some may love it, some may dismiss it, but as what I read from another review: "If you're not having fun at some point in the album, then you're wrong." :) Expand
  35. Feb 15, 2014
    From their past bewildered sheets of notes and start-off dilemmas, Paramore's self entitled album shows different variations and astonishing diversions, from that sheer, probable band to a powerful new unleashed cool kids adapting many of the greatest acts in the world of music adding notable twists of ukulele and of course the intoxicating vocal power of Hayley Williams, teaming up with great instrumentalists working their asses off for new genres. Fiercely creating 17 fully-packed compelling, wondrous songs that inevitably will find your taste whatever genre you want to listen. Truly, one of the best albums paramore have ever crafted. Expand
  36. Apr 15, 2014
    I cannot believe people criticize this album for it being "pop". As a person who had listened to different generations of pop, no. This is not pop music. I mean, the only pop song I can see is Still Into You! It's like when Arcade Fire gets bashed for doing "new stuff" in Reflektor. Anyhow, this is definitely one of the best albums I have heard this year. Not the best. But most certainly one of the best. The flawless sequencing of the songs and the interludes that soften the mood for a while before the sudden return of pace. The immaculate voice of Hayley Williams, too. I honestly know nothing about this Farro brothers affair and how they broke up, but that doesn't matter. What matters is the music. Expand
  37. Mar 30, 2014
    I never thought that Paramore would be able to do an album like this! Its incredible. All the songs are just amazing and Hayley's voice is a therapy! I'm in love with it, one of the best albums of 2013. Ps: "One of those crazy girls" is awesome!!
  38. Aug 30, 2014
    I'm a fan of Paramore since 2008. I confess that this album isn't best of the band, but this album is amazing, every song... Paramore has always given albums where every song is good, and this is no different. Great lyrics, and catchy beats. Good job, Paramore!
  39. Oct 15, 2014
    De fato, é um dos melhores (senão o melhor) álbums do paramore, nunca me surpreendi tanto com paramore em questão de revirada musical, paramore deixou seu lado "adolescente-rock" para virar uma banda alternative mais madura, o álbum é sensacional, destacamos "Now" como uma indireta (bem direta) á industria músical sobre a saída dos Farros e boatos que a banda tinha acabado, o retorno foi impressionante. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 20
  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. 30
    A parade of beige pop numbers that even Taylor Swift would turn down for being too generic. [May 2013, p.86]
  2. May 3, 2013
    Paramore is both the band’s most polished and messiest album, which somehow pays off.
  3. Apr 30, 2013
    It's daring and rarely less than dazzling. [6 Apr 2013, p.52]