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  • Summary: Herbert's first disc in two years is a sample-driven concept album about the relationship of food to politics, society and celebrity. It is best consumed while reading the detailed album website, rather than as a stand-alone piece of music.
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  1. For a high-minded piece of process, one that rests on the old trope that the good stuff is always bad for you--or in this case, for the majority of the world--Herbert packs a lot of snap, crackle, and, particularly, pop.
  2. The Wire
    These are what protest songs can sound like, feel like and taste like in the 21st century. [#257, p.52]
  3. As with most things this conceptual, certain aesthetic sacrifices must be made. But Matthew Herbert is the remarkable musician, with his keen senses of rhythm and melody, who can pull off such an audacious ruse.
  4. Plat du Jour is a more interesting an outing for remaining ambivalent in spite of itself.
  5. With Herbert, I've always been happy to consider the political content of the records to be a clever bonus, while the music as a purely sonic experience is allowed to stand on its own. I listened to Plat du Jour five or six times without paying attention to the song titles and not having read the online methodological descriptions, and this one didn't hold up quite so well.
  6. Parts of Plat Du Jour sound hokey and fussily arranged in ways that lack the intimacy and luminosity of Herbert's past highpoints. As experimental compositions with a point to make, however, the better tracks bounce around questions that linger after the liner notes are filed away.
  7. Under The Radar
    Intellect without soul. [#11, p.115]

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  1. hedyv
    Aug 17, 2006