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  • Band members: Roddy Woomble, Allan Stewart, Gareth Russell, Colin Newton
  • Summary: The Scottish rock band's seventh album is lively and loud, with a blend of blaring guitar rock and less flamboyant folk tunes, influenced by lead singer Roddy Woomble's solo stint as a folk singer in New York.
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  1. Idlewild's Post-Electric Blues is a sweeping, large-scale record, packed with big, fist-pumping barnburners that would sound at home on either a large arena stage or in a raucous roadhouse.
  2. Post Electric Blues may never be regarded by critics – and the public-as Idlewild's finest hour, but it's certainly a joy to listen to.
  3. For a band whose frequent line-up changes repeatedly threaten to leave them at an impasse, Post Electric Blues is a testament to Idlewild's stylistic and thematic consistency, while standing head and shoulders above the two albums which preceded it, if not quite equalling their career highs.
  4. This is, generally, straightforward guitar rock with tinges of country and folk drawn from Roddy Woomble's sabbatical in New York as a folkie.
  5. On Post Electric Blues, they're a worldly pop/rock band, showing off their Scottish roots on the Celtic numbers and channeling the American heartland.
  6. Under The Radar
    Oct 26, 2010
    Like or dislike them, this is a band who have forged their own sound from their formidable influences, and they flaunt it effortlessly, and occasionally brilliantly, on this fine album.
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  1. Oct 17, 2010
    Post Electric Blues is a very strong album, made stronger by Idlewild's history. This album has a sense of reckless abandon, in that it soundsPost Electric Blues is a very strong album, made stronger by Idlewild's history. This album has a sense of reckless abandon, in that it sounds like the band have made the album for themselves and no one else. The songs still soar with energy, but now there's a maturity that keeps them grounded.
    Their first albums have a 'piss and vinegar' energy to them and some cracking tunes, which drew me to them in the first place. So when they released Warnings/Promises which is full of pop sensibilities and instrumentation, I rebelled. But a year after that I gave it another chance and realised how great the album is. Then came Make Another World which felt like a half baked attempt to get back to their rougher origins, and appease everyone but themselves.
    Post Electric Blues isn't a return to form - it's a record of a band embracing who they've become and enjoying themselves.