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  • Summary: The rock-influenced piano trio's fifth album mixes originals with covers of songs by David Bowie ("Life On Mars"), Tears For Fears ("Everybody Wants To Rule The World") and Rush ("Tom Sawyer").
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  1. PROG, like all their recordings, is another collection of professionally played and well-produced tunes that present themselves to a potential mass audience with hectic grace, sober whimsy, fluent navigation of chaos and without the slightest shred of pomposity.
  2. “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” and “Life On Mars” both receive willful and gorgeous deconstruction here, but the real essence of things lies in two original compositions, “Physical Cities” and “Giant,” in which the band deviously expands the possibilities of what jazz is and will become.
  3. The Bad Plus has yet to release a truly flawless LP, but each new record shows that time and touring has only made the trio tighter and better.
  4. Anyone who has already decided that jazz is dead, that the great innovators have come and gone, needs to listen to the Bad Plus to be proven dead wrong.
  5. This album confirms established Bad Plus ideals: directness, cohesiveness and a headlong approach to everything, including delicate emotional candor. [7 May 2007]
  6. You'll come for the playful covers... and stay for the inventive originals. [#17, p.98]
  7. It's not likely this music will age spectacularly well, but so what?

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  1. DarkoK.
    Jul 9, 2007
    Most accessible of all their current albums. Great versions of "This Guy's i Love with You" and "Everybody wants to Rule the World". These guys are tight! Expand