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  1. This is pure NPR music, all neo-jazz melodies and martini-lounge flourishes without the sly bite of its predecessor.
  2. Perhaps executed a tad more carefully than it was conceived, Ray Guns is ultimately a flawed gem.
  3. There’s not a lot to get excited about, but it’s a catchy enough confection that should work well in gadget commercials, which was likely the whole point.
  4. Their second LP is all candy-coloured dreamscapes. Lily remains a spikier proposition.
  5. Q Magazine
    Tart modern pop performed with a sly sense of homour. [Mar 2009, p.105]
  6. Uncut
    Heady and infused with whimsy, their second full-length flows effortlessly from dreamy girl-group pop to electro-bossa nova. [Feb 2009, p.76]
  7. Like a Mojave Desert mirage shimmering tantalizingly before disappearing, Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future is ultimately left little more than a string of sweet nothings, there for your fleeting pleasure. It's a pop tease.
  8. It’s a welcome change of pace from what comes before it, but it’s equally dull and is very reminiscent of Butterfly from Weezer’s "Pinkerton." Take what you will from that comparison.
  9. It's an intriguing blend of soft, Bacharach pop and jazzy harmonies, but is let down by lapses into knowing easy-listening that can sound insincere.
  10. Their songs carry bossa nova chord changes, analog keyboard bleeps and icy-cool chanteuserie from singer Inara George. So why is the second album by George and multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin so soul-deadening?
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  1. SergeyK
    Mar 10, 2009
    The best indie album with female vocal for last years.