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  • Summary: The groundbreaking English four-piece art-punk band has reunited (25 years after their debut) to record this 6-track EP, representing their first new studio output together since 1990's 'Manscape.'
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  1. It's a still-thrilling combo, even if these new songs lack the tuneful pop smarts that made Pink Flag tracks like "Field Day for the Sundays" classics. [Review of EPs 01 and 02, 21 Oct 2002]
  2. 25 years down the line, Wire are still pulling off coups as daring and deadly as This Heat's debut. [#224, p.73]
  3. It's a dense, matte-black monoblock of furious sonic energy -- ultra-compressed riffs, barely controlled bursts of feedback, and lyrics more urgent and angry than anything Wire have done in the last twenty-odd years.
  4. Read & Burn is still Wire, and without even retreading the past.
  5. In this slim volume of three-chord thrashing there's proof that while punk may reside in middle age, in some quarters its vital signs have never shown more strongly.
  6. Every song is a savage burst of raw anger, taking Pink Flag’s sarcastic punk and updating it for the new millennium with cleaner production and even more minimalist arrangements.
  7. After just six songs and 17 minutes, the future is sounding admirably open-ended. [Oct 2002, p.118]

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  1. ChemicalScum
    Apr 28, 2005
    I have been bored lately nothing seemed to quite set me on fire untill I heard Read and Burn 01. Warning his music is dangerous to drive on - you will speed and try to carve up every other vehicle on the road. The ultimate kick ass noise rock - Old punks just get better and better. Expand
  2. PaulK.
    Aug 8, 2002
    Wire's coldly distainful wit has allowed them to carry their bite into the '00s. These guys will forever kick anyone's ass.
  3. AlanK.
    Aug 16, 2002
    Not truly awful, inspite of the praise others have heaped, Read & Burn sound standard, formulaic hard rock. Sure, it's energetic and sometimes compelling, but everything here's been done better by other artists. There are hooks, but there mostly formulaic. I've listened to it several times, it doesn't stick. This is the first time Wire has ever sound generic, and in a way that's worse than a failed experiment: Taking a chance and failing (as Wire often did in the 80s) is more respectable than unambitious mediocrity (ie Read & Burn). Expand