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Summary: Not quite the next Linkin Park album, 'Reanimation' is instead a remix of their entire debut album, 'Hybrid Theory' (actually, a remix of the Japanese version, which contained extra tracks). The 19 songs here have been reinvented by an array of alternative and hip hop musicians and producers, including members of Korn, Jurassic 5, Orgy, and Staind, and given cryptic new titles such as "Rnw@y" and "My{Dsmbr." (You'd think with all the money they're making they could at least buy a vowel.)
Record Label: Warner Bros.
Genre(s): Rock, Alternative, Metal
Name: Linkin Park
Credit: Primary Artist

Track Listings

01 Enth E Nd 12 Riff Raff
02 Plc.4 Mie Haed 13 Wth>You
03 Opening 14 Ntr\Mssion
04 Pts.of.athrty 15 Ppr:kut
05 Ente E ND 16 Rnw@y
06 Chali 17 My{dsmbr
07 Frgt/10 18 Stef
08 P5hng Me A*wy 19 By_myslf
09 PLC. 4 Mie Hu00e6d 20 Kyur4 Th Ich
10 X-ecutioner Style 21 1stp Klosr
11 H! Vltg3 22 Krwlng