Red Night - The Hundred in the Hands

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  1. Jun 12, 2012
    Red Night (helmed by UK pop producer Richard X) is a foot-moving triumph of ennui, minor chords and warped FX.
  2. Jun 12, 2012
    The duo has mastered the strange art of countering divides marvelously on Red Night.
  3. Jun 12, 2012
    Red Light is a sturdier, more rocking affair (relatively speaking) [than their debut]. [Jul 2012, p.94]
  4. Jun 12, 2012
    Red Night is a launch pad, doling out tunes and following each eerie throb with a radio-ready smart bomb.
  5. Jun 11, 2012
    While some of Red Night's songs might still be a little too insular for their own good, the album still finds the Hundred in the Hands coming into their own and expanding their identity at the same time.
  6. Oct 12, 2012
    Derivative/ Certainly. Mesmerising? Definitely. [Jul 2012, p.104]
  7. 50
    Intoxication gives way to a sobering comedown, and hints at possible danger generally prove unfounded.
  8. Jun 25, 2012
    [The album has] overproduced but underwritten pieces that seek to create atmosphere but mostly leave empty spaces that the Hundred in the Hands aren't sure how to fill.
  9. Jun 11, 2012
    A passable if disappointing montage of mid-tempo electro-pop that flirts dangerously close to dull trip-hop.
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  1. Jul 24, 2012
    The second studio album from the New York duo - The Hundred In The Hands is a very pleasant album, which effectively combines both subdued and lethargic components of electronics, sometimes varied by elements of shoegaze ("Lead In The Light"), and songs on which led more accessible bakground ("Keep It Low "). Despite the small shortcomings - such as exaggerated vocals at the end of the "Stay The Night" album is without a doubt worthy attention, even through a very "heavy" - "Empty Stations". Full Review »