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  • Summary: It's nearly impossible to read an indie music review these days without seeing the words "Gang Of Four" pop up, but that influential band hasn't been around to take advantage of its newfound fame. Until now, that is, as the reunited Gang (in its original lineup for the first time since 1981) returns with newly re-recorded versions of 14 of its classic songs. Expand
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  1. This revisitation of the band's canon burns brighter than a thousand nuclear-rector accidents. [Nov 2005, p.218]
  2. Time has not dulled the group's scarily tight musicianship. [15 Oct 2005]
  3. 80
    The best Gang Of Four tribute album... ever. [Nov 2005, p.96]
  4. I'm sure purists would prefer to snag the recently remastered originals as opposed to this Gift, even though those older fans would be able to appreciate this album most.
  5. Bottom line is that if you've got the old albums and you want to experience Gang of Four again, better to shell out for the actual show than for the disc that approximates it.
  6. 60
    It's the musical equivalent of George Lucas's tinkering with the Star Wars DVDs--some flaws are best left uncorrected. [Nov 2005, p.135]
  7. It's disappointing to find Gang of Four recycling the past so bluntly, trafficking in a nostalgia industry they should be well above. [Dec 2005, p.122]

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  1. MichaelJ
    Oct 15, 2005
    Assertive, confident, crisp, live, energetic, timeless. and tight.
  2. VoltMeter
    Oct 15, 2005
    Bummer that there's no new material here. But these guys are still amazingly tight. I saw them at every Boston venue with the original lineup. If anything, the new versions have a harder edge to them: Hugo pounds like a piledriver and Andy Gill shreds blistering funk feedback. I love this CD. But I just wish that they'd follow the cue of one of their touring mates from '79-'81 (Mission of Burma) and put forth some new material. I'd like to see what sonic mayhem the crew would make after 24 years (when Dave Allen left). Dave Allen's funk bass was in my humble opinion the cement of GOF. He and Hugo were one of the tightest rhythm sections I've ever seen. After he and Hugo left, Gang of Four became a rather boring affair. Pop won out over hard funk. But the past is...well, the past. I love the re-recordings. At least it might introduce GOF to a new audience. The kid who rang up my purchase had never heard GOF. And this was at a shop that prides itself in being the most progressive (small) chain of music stores. With all the rehashed "post punk" rip off bands out there, it would be nice to see the granddaddies of post punk get their due props. Expand
  3. slawekk
    Oct 30, 2005
    sometimes uneven but the general opinion is definitely positive. i like their paranoic sound. the second song would be a number 1 on some alternative chart. Expand
  4. BrianS
    Nov 8, 2005
    I hadent heard much about Gang of Four until recently. Enterainment is a stunning album and near perfect, which is what makes this album seem more of a sell out, something im sure they will deny. If it makes introduces more people to GOF then great, but some new material would have been nice ( if they have any in them ) ;) Expand