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  • Summary: The fourth full-length album for the New York City-based band features reworkings of some of its previously released songs.
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  1. Chikudate can reign uninterrupted, taking center stage to the sounds of humbled guitars, trickling bells, and the charm of her own lyrical whimsy.
  2. Rewolf is as essential to Asobi Seksu's oeuvre as any of their preceding records. [Dec 2009, p.108]
  3. Though it's lightweight, Rewolf gives me a bit of hope that they'll push themselves outward a bit more next time.
  4. It was made confidently, with no apparent intentions of it being some toss-off or fan-only disc. But by album's end, don't be surprised if you're reaching for "Citrus" to dive back into their dream world.
  5. If you’re looking for the daring next step in Asobi Seksu’s sonic evolution, this is not it. Instead, Rewolf is nothing more ambitious than a very good album of acoustic renderings.
  6. Rewolf may be a rerecording, but it lacks another crucial "re" word--"revelation." [Holiday 2009, p.78]
  7. Rewolf ends up being a failure in two ways. The first is that the songs aren't strong enough to withstand the acoustic treatment....The second major flaw, and the one that really kills the album, has to do with what the lack of volume and energy uncovers.

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