Sex with an X - The Vaselines
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  • Band members: Frances McKee, Eugene Kelly
  • Summary: The indie-pop legends from Glasgow--that had a well-documented influence on Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain--keep at it 20 years since their last release with a new album of upbeat alterna-rock.
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  1. Even those too young-or not yet born-for the Vaselines' heyday can appreciate the earnest fun of Sex With an X.
  2. A welcome return, then – let's hope they stick around for a bit longer this time.
  3. Sex With an X exceeds all of the expectations we didn't know we had.
  4. McKee's voice may sound exactly like it did 20 years ago (the fate of most twee-pop ladies, it seems), but The Vaselines' trademark noise has only grown deeper, richer. Listening to this record just feels good on a purely physical level.
  5. 60
    Kurt Cobain-worshipped Glaswegians' break 20-year silence. [Oct. 2010, p. 92]
  6. Sex with an X is a clear case of The Vaselines boldly going where they have gone before - most of the record more than stands up to many of the nuggets in their tiny back catalog - but maybe that's okay; maybe it's better to have them as they were than to not have them at all.
  7. The rumble of My God's bigger Than Your God offers some respite, but can't save a disappointing return. [Oct 2010, p.121]

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  1. Jul 1, 2011
    It's pleasant enough but most of the joy comes from seeing the duo back together and not from the songs themselves. Download "Ruined" and "I Hate The 80s." Expand