Six Demon Bag - Man Man

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Man Man's music will irritate you, make you laugh, put you off and then bring you back for more.
  2. Live it’s easy to ignore the subtleties of the songs, which makes Six Demon Bag a different, but equally great experience.
  3. This time out, Man Man's less sloppy but just as ramshackle, as if the snaps and crackles are the band's diversion from actually writing the record.
  4. 83
    Here they fe-fi-fo-fum with the exacting crankiness of carny punks who've seen it all. [Mar 2006, p.95]
  5. A subtle improvement on the band’s debut.
  6. Sharpen[s] the band's lurching marching band rhythms and broaden[s] their carnival show clatter while retaining most of the band's unkempt self-possession. [#13, p.97]
  7. 80
    A great album but, compared to their live shows, this is like listening to a circus. [Aug 2006, p.100]
  8. Man Man exhibits a varied flair for macabre theatrics that includes a veritable world's fair of chaos and creation.
  9. 80
    Sounds like the soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic street carnival. [#71, p.105]
  10. A demented, twisted, and exuberant journey through a hip musical funhouse.
  11. They’ve gotten good at re-creating in the studio the sound of a dingy rock venue in full throb.
  12. The solution to enjoying this album, then, is to not ask it to provide heavy drama, high art, or fiery revolt – it's just pop music with a slight twist, and it's first and foremost about having a good time inhabiting glamorous guises and histrionic voices.
  13. Each moment of each song is completely unpredictable, to the point where even after multiple listens some of these transitions still seem to come out of nowhere.
  14. Six Demon Bag’s a romp, short but sprawling, careful but passionate.
  15. [They cram] boozy Brecht-flavored shout-alongs into shaggy waltz and oompah rhythms, with plenty of jazzy, engaging instrumental colors and occasionally annoying vocal tics. [24 Feb 2006, p.65]
  16. Most of this stuff is just too damn weird for all but the most experimental music listener.
  17. More power to those who can do it, but from this perspective, it's nearly impossible to enjoy Man Man's Six Demon Bag while sober. [Apr 2006, p.222]
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  1. Nov 24, 2012
    Six Demon Bag is one of those records that continually manages to surprise me with each listen. At first, there carnivalesque sound and antics could completely dismiss the listener, but let it grow on you and you can easily pick out the beauty of this record. Each track consists of different instruments and experimenting with different sounds, yet it still sounds like Man Man. "Van Helsing Boombox" is the standout track on this LP. All In All, it's a tough listen at first. I almost gave up, but their is beauty to behold in this wacky record. B+ Full Review »
  2. Brian
    Feb 16, 2007
  3. KevinM
    Dec 1, 2006
    This is an exciting album that will constantly surprise you, screaming, shouting, chanting, and mourning, some great vocals go on in this album. I love every single track from start to finish. Everytime Van Helsing Boombox comes on I have to whistle along, it's not even a choice anymore. Full Review »