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  • Summary: This is the latest album for the San Diego-based indie rock band.
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  1. The 13 songs on Six are rich and exquisitely constructed, perfectly-pitched baroque riffs and orchestration are juxtaposed with searingly compelling lyrical imagery.
  2. Alternative Press
    The album creeks through 13 unlucky tracks that range from minimalist, Leonard Cohen-esque piano dirges to demented waltzes with equal aplomb. [Nov 2009, p.109]
  3. Intense and moving throughout, Six builds a fair amount of variation into its downbeat aesthetic.
  4. Across 13 tracks, Black Heart Procession deftly positions its audience in a consistent and specific environment, allowing Six to be inherently dark and blasphemous and not just a dark and blasphemous album.
  5. While, the Black Heart Procession does an excellent job of musically embodying October's primary mood, they'd do well to remember that it's a month made more bearable by the occasional flash of Indian summer.
  6. Though its overall sound is depressing industrial indie rock with nods to Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Manson and Tool, Six’s varied instrumentation, catchy songs and emotional impact make for an interesting listen.
  7. At times this fascination with dark, eerie sulkiness can have a certain kind of weird charm; more commonly, it's a grating, self-serious masquerade.

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