Skin - Melissa Etheridge
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  • Summary: Aside from the track "Heal Me," which includes background vocals by Laura Dern and Meg Ryan, this is a true solo effort for Melissa Etheridge, who wrote and performed all 10 tracks on this, her seventh album. Much of the music was written during her breakup with her long-time companion, and the songs reflect this experience. Expand
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  1. A harrowing, clearly autobiographical dissection of a decaying relationship. [Sep 2001, p.109]
  2. Etheridge adds to an already large canon of lovelorn songs a collection of tracks that are worthy of their peers.
  3. 80
    As someone previously known to wallow in her torment on occasion, Etheridge has found with her seventh studio release a newfound maturity that bodes well for both her emotional and musical future.
  4. Both cathartic and redemptive, Skin cuts close to the bone.
  5. Melissa Etheridge's Skin belongs in a tradition of breakup albums that includes Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love and Marvin Gaye's Here, My Dear.
  6. She seems capable of expressing her lament only through mundane lyrics. [20 Jul 2001, p.68]
  7. Anyone hoping Etheridge has channeled her recent ups and downs into anything resembling vital rock and roll will be disappointed. Instead, she's sticking closer to the middle of the road than ever before.

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  1. Dec 7, 2013
    Felt compelled to write a review of this one, since I just listened to it tonight and it reminded me how much I love this cd. I am a huge Melissa Etheridge fan and saw her concert in the Washington, DC area. We had lawn seats and one of her staff upgraded us to FRONT ROW seats, a group of 8 of us, and she was amazing live, just like her cd's. This is my favorite cd by her and I love all of her cd's. This one was released when I was going through a difficult break-up and so was Melissa when she wrote these songs. The way each song unfolds all of he emotions that go with a break-up, from initial anger and disappointment to begging, to sadness, loss and acceptance, and then to a glimpse of hopefulness, and finally, confidence that things will work out fine, perhaps better than before, is so relatable and masterfully communicated through the lyrics and music love this cd! Expand

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