Slime & Reason - Roots Manuva
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  • Summary: The fourth album for the rapper includes Metronomy as a guest artist.
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  1. His clever quips, wonky wordplay, raunchy voice and oddball timing combine into something beyond reproduction by anybody, not that any other MC is daring enough to try doing this type of grimy, soulful crunk-hop
  2. This being Roots Manuva there's a lyrical gem in pretty much each song - and this being Roots Manuva, a lot of them are intensely personal observations.
  3. 80
    Smith sounds urgent, fresh and revitalised. [Sep 2008, p.100]
  4. While Manuva's unorthodox style is a unique pleasure, too often his flow can be laconic to the point of being subliminal--a good portion of Slime & Reason's midsection demands attention, but doesn't necessarily deserve it, not when the beats that support his rhymes are just-below-scale like the budget g-funk of "Kick Up Ya Foot".
  5. Slime gives good reason to say Roots is winning. [Dec 2008, p.152]
  6. Manuva’s incessant background singing is regressive in a musical way, not nostalgic as the rest of the album intends to be. Perhaps inseparable from his production and writing process, its addition can detract from his most stirring quality: effortlessly smooth delivery.
  7. 60
    Slime & Reason practically revels in its juicy sense of freedom. [Sep 2008, p.112]

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