Spectrum of Infinite Scale - Man... Or Astroman?
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  1. Though the band still sticks faithfully to their trademark sci-fi surf gimmick, they've omitted the annoying science film samples, and actually show, for the first time in years, traces of creativity.
  2. 70
    The results can, surprisingly, prove as musically rewarding as they are entertaining.
  3. 70
    Toward the end of Man or Astro-Man?'s A Spectrum of Infinite Scale there is a track called "A Simple Text File" which is nothing more than a recording of a dot matrix printer producing a hard copy of... a simple text file!... If only the rest of the album were this intensely cool.... Every great leap forward on Spectrum is accompanied by an equal and negative small step backwards...
  4. Though clever in origin, once these sounds have been identified, the songs themselves are rarely compelling enough to prompt return visits.
  5. Another very good collection of tight playing and propulsive instrumentals.
  6. 60
    While the band's trademarked, reverb-drenched riffs remain, they're now intermingled with lots of skronks, bleeps, and clicks... After a sluggish start, most of what's here works as well as anything in the vast Man or Astro-Man? catalogue.
  7. 40
    Space-rock created in an energy vacuum. [#47, p.104]
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