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  • Summary: The former member of the electro-punk duo Suicide releases his latest solo album, which is dedicated to his wife who passed away in 2007.
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  1. Uncut
    All round, it's a remarkable electronic musicanship. [Apr 2010, p.124]
  2. So all in all, it’s nice to see that forty-plus years on, at least one member of Suicide is still making bold, challenging, daring music, and you’ll probably struggle to find a more groundbreaking album than Stigmata in 2010.
  3. Even accounting for his career of uncharitable experimentation, Martin Rev’s eighth solo album is something new again. To wit, it’s a haunting, intricate electro-classical record.
  4. This might be enjoyed by folks who are really into the Burzum albums Varg Vikernes made from his prison cell, but even Suicide fans will likely find Stigmata hard to get excited about.
  5. The sound of Stigmata is grayed and stale--reaching, perhaps, for 18th-century Baroque, but instead winding up stuck in a rusty soundcard from 1998.