Suckfish - Audion

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  1. A captivating release from start to finish.
  2. By refocusing outside of dancefloor functionality for Suckfish, Dear invests in his material enough to give it a weight beyond the novelty of sensationalized titles set to jacking tracks.
  3. It's hard to get out of Suckfish once it's on.
  4. [Has] tracks that find lots of deceptive variance within their rigid constructs.
  5. This is satisfying on a deeply primal level.
  6. A lot different than the release under his own name, Audion is enough to make you sweat a bit whether you use it for dancing or as a soundtrack for *ahem* other activities.
  7. 70
    A definitely worthwhile rocker, but nothing you'll raise an eyebrow at. [Oct 2005, p.76]
  8. It's a mix that works just as well on the dance floor as the bedroom.
  9. These Audion recordings thrive on nervous energy, sounding like the twitchy mumblings of a speed freak at their most hyperactive.
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  1. TravisB
    Nov 24, 2005
    Audion has done a remarkable job at sending you off into a magical cocaine inspired world where all you want to do is move your body. This Suckfish-world sets up a distinct futuristic musical mood that some people would call sex-music or pure adrenaline. This baby will be rolling in your cd player for a while. Full Review »