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  1. In spite of the "grunge revivalist" tag that gets hung on Morris and crew, though, Sugar doesn't have much of a retro feel; rather, it imagines a world in which My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses woke up, got loose, cranked it up, and explored some of the darker, weirder corners of their world.
  2. Dead Confederate have possibly made the best record out of all their contemporaries this year, which surely beckons the question 'How much longer can they be ignored?' Time to pay attention methinks...
  3. Swirling, heady and claustrophobic at times, this is well worth further investigation. [21 Aug 2010, p.51]
  4. 60
    Sugar, by comparison [to "Wrecking Ball"], feels laboured. [Sep 2010, p.91]
  5. It's all epic, if slightly textbook stuff, but the title track and By Design conjure up a brooding menace rarely heard since Jane's Addiction.
  6. It's unfair to saddle Dead Confederate with the burden of the entire Athens tradition, or look for it to be anything other than a band making a record. But Sugar would have been much more interesting if these guys had focused on that instead of trying to be five or six bands at once.
  7. Save for a few tracks, you get exactly what you'd expect from a band like Dead Confederate: middle of the road alternative rock music with seemingly little depth and a whole lot of cliches.

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