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  • Summary: The Houston rapper returns with his latest album, which coincidently is named Suite 420 and was released on April 20th.
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  1. Devin’s redundancy is the reason fans keep coming back. They won’t be disappointed by Suite #420, which features the usual set of chilled-out weed anthems, sex jokes, and old-school R&B beats, along with those great oddball numbers the Dude uses to break each album up.
  2. Houston MC Devin offers the same batch of punch lines, extremely crude come-ons, and panegyrics to getting high and getting freaky as fans have come to expect, all to the echo-chamber beat of an array of synthesized blips and bleeps. And yet, something about Devin--his lackadaisical assurance, his Lil Wayne-esque gift of gab, his shamelessly un-progressive attitude toward women--is perversely charming.
  3. Devin’s single-mindedness makes for a highly unified style, and the album’s relaxed, hazy production is the aural equivalent of comfort food. But the repetition is kinda tedious for an hour of straight listening.
  4. 60
    The goofier aspects of his earlier work are missed here, as are his usual naturalistic beats, which have been replaced by squelching, ominously snaky G-funk.
  5. It's good to hear him still recording, even if he's deeply entrenched himself in his own wheelhouse and barely has a single surprising moment in the album's whole hour. But if the album never existed, nobody's life would be much poorer for it-- possibly even Devin's.
  6. Nobody expects maturity from Devin, even though he jarringly mentions that he has a 17-year-old son, but he usually makes eternal adolescence sound a lot more fun than this.
  7. Suite 420, beyond some sweet spots early in the disc, becomes wickedly boring.
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