Summer Of The Shark

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  • Summary: Portastatic is a side project for Superchunk's Mac McCaughan (who also is part owner of Merge Records). On this, his first Portastatic LP since 1997, he is joined by Sleater-Kinney's Janet Weiss as well as members of Sparklehorse and Lambchop.
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  1. Alternative Press
    It's the beautifully austere, grown-up pop album we've been waiting years for Mac McCaughan to record. [Jun 2003, p.97]
  2. Accomplished, varied, and rather easygoing, though not gripping, indie pop/rock.
  3. Magnet
    It stands as not only the most fully realized Portastatic album but as one that ought not be overshadowed by its creator's more well-known outlet. [#59, p.107]
  4. Though it may not quite reach the peaks of 1997's The Nature of Sap, its polish and expert production make it Portastatic's most diverse and accomplished work to date.
  5. Even the tracks that don't quite work don't miss the mark by much, and while there's nothing too flashy going on within, the solid overall quality of the 12 tracks and 50 minutes of music is somewhat of a rarity.
  6. 70
    It sounds like he’s cherry-picked his record collection in an attempt to allow the listener a glimpse into his restless mind.
  7. An uneven mish-mash of musical ideas that is only occasionally thrilling.

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