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  • Summary: The seventh album for the British pop group is its first with new singer Jade Ewen, who replaced Keisha Buchanan, the last original member.
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  1. 40
    Surely the last flogging of a heavily Photoshopped horse. [Apr 2010, p.100]
  2. It clings too rigidly to its electronic template and sorely lacks the breezy pop iinventiveness of old. [Apr 2010, p.115]
  3. A couple of tracks--"Wear My Kiss, About a Girl"--have escaped with some quirky Britishness intact, but most are in either in thrall to Lady Gaga's robotronic sound or, as with the oozing lust of Get Sexy, just wrong for this particular band. Disappointing.
  4. Sweet 7 doesn’t sell the Sugababes as individuals or as a brand.
  5. ‘Get Sexy’ sounds like a lazy, latter-day Timbaland joint, and ‘About A Girl’ is a slice of future-house from Lady Gaga’s chum RedOne. But time was we could expect more than bland consistency from the Sugababes--shame.
  6. All in all, it’s a shambles. Incarnation No 4 lacks the interesting feminine insight of Rihanna’s latest, the flamboyance and ‘balls’ of Lady Gaga, the nous of Annie, anything approaching the vocal talents of Beyoncé or the nonsensical slapstick fun of Girls Aloud.
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  1. Jan 7, 2011
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  2. Apr 6, 2012
    It is not a bad record!
    I read something like "only Dancetracks"..
    Please listen to song 9-12.... Its sad that Sweet 7 is a "Bruno Mars
    It is not a bad record!
    I read something like "only Dancetracks"..
    Please listen to song 9-12.... Its sad that Sweet 7 is a "Bruno Mars production",because the Sugababes are all great songwriters.
    Jade's voice is very nice,as the new member.
    Not their best record,but it could be worse.