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  1. Aug 23, 2012
    The thirteenth Megadeth album, this album has some fantastic thrash metal songs, Dave Mustaine (vocals,lead/rythm guitar) and Chris BrodericksThe thirteenth Megadeth album, this album has some fantastic thrash metal songs, Dave Mustaine (vocals,lead/rythm guitar) and Chris Brodericks (lead/rythm guitar) back and forth guitar solo's really light up the tracks, some great and heavy bass lines from the returning David Ellefson (founding member, left in 2002), and some fantastic and heavy drumming from Shawn Drover, really make this a great, modern Megadeth album you dont want to miss out on. The album includes the singles Sudden Death, Public Enemy Number One, and Who's Life Is It Anyway's, and some old re-recorded demos, like New World Order, millennium of the blind, and Black Swan. Most of the tracks on this album are pretty great and stand out, but there are a few more forgettable tracks. i find sometimes a few of the songs can tend to blend in together, but i love that a lot of the tracks almost have a different tone each. Public enemy number one, we the people, and whose life is it anyways are really catchy, solid tunes that will have you tapping your foot or shaking your head along uncontrollably. Then it has tracks like millennium of the blind, black swan, and especially thirteen, that have a lot of of feeling to them, and has a very powerful sound. Of course then you have tracks like sudden death, never dead, and fast lane, which are straight up intense and heavy tracks. the lyrics are pretty great on songs like public enemy number one, we the people, and especially 13, but on some other tracks the lyrics aren't as memorable. We the people, guns drugs and money, and new world order, have a lot of intense, great political lyrics, and the song 13 has some of my favorite lyrics from any Megadeth song. The riffs are great and catchy, the solo's are incredibly intense, the bass lines are solid, Daves vocals have a very vintage, almost old sounding tone to them, which sounds great, and the drumming, while very intense, could be a bit more varied, as many of the songs have very similar beat and fills. Now having recently undergone back surgery, of which they went through his throat, Dave singing abilities are less than what they used to be. his very high range from before has been brought down quite a bit for this album and endgame, but his voice has a heavier, more grunt like tone to it, which makes Daves voice sound pretty great. Also, the riffs, rhythms, and solo's that Dave Mustaine has written for this album are top notch, he can lay down a wickedly complex rhythm while Chris solos away, and when its his turn to solo, get ready to head bang, as Daves solos's on this album are fantastic. I wouldn't say as good as endgame, if we use the previous album for comparison, but he still shreds wildly fast, integrates feeling as well in the solo's, and keeps the back and forth soloing as intense as ever. And Chris Broderick once again rocks the songs with his insanely fast and technically appalling guitar solos. after an 8 year absence, David Ellefson makes a comeback and returns as Megadeths bassist. and Shawn Drover once again pounds on the double kick and fantastic drumming. Dave Mustaine said his inspiration for the album name, and the song Thirteen, is how often the number 13 has showed up in his life. While i don't think this album tops endgame, which i think was an amazing snap back to pure thrash, i still think that this is a great, heavy thrash metal album, and i would recommend it to any metal fan. I really think that with this album, Megadeth has hit a new sound, Daves vocals keep getting better and better, stronger and stronger since the back surgery, and his guitar solos, riffs, rhythms, and writing styles have aged fantastically, Chris's solo's keep getting more and more intense, Shawn keeps using wild drum techniques and styles to keep us head banging, and David Ellefson is back in action. I think the best of megadeth is yet to come, and this album has definitely paved the way, to Megadeth's new modern sound. Full Review »
  2. Mar 22, 2015
    8/10 .................................................................................................................................................
  3. Jun 10, 2012
    eh. I'm a huge Megadeth fan, but this was a pretty mediocre effort. Endgame took fans by surprise when it saw Megadeth return to it's thrasheh. I'm a huge Megadeth fan, but this was a pretty mediocre effort. Endgame took fans by surprise when it saw Megadeth return to it's thrash metal roots, but Th1rt3en is mearly a compilation of redone tracks from old demos. Sure there are a few new songs, but those were only written for soundtrack albums to video games. New World Order, Black Swan, Never Dead, and Sudden Death are really the only standout tracks here, and 3 out of those 4 had already been released. Here's hoping your next release is better. Full Review »