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  1. Ridiculous, yes, but to Thrice's credit, wanting to be Deftones (which they attempt here, at length) is a noble endeavour. But the results are still clunky.
  2. As a concept album, it's halfway to becoming an amazing cycle. There are a few flaws and the second half of the collection to worry about, but so far, Thrice has produced another stunner.
  3. Their clear evolution in terms of talent and ability is more than evident on songs like Firebreather and The Whaler. Between that and some pretty sweet packaging and liner notes, this is likely their best to date.
  4. Examining classical elements is a novel concept, but spreading that concept throughout four EPs, two double-disc sets, and two record releases does little more than dilute an otherwise strong set of songs.
  5. The cleaving of The Alchemy Index into awkward chunks of opera violates a fundamental rule of prog rock: Go all the way out, or don't go at all.
  6. 40
    There’s nothing like a concept album for faking musical maturity.
  7. Some of the sound makes for gorgeous fury.... But a little concision--and a bit of Pete Wentz's tune sense--would've gone a long way.
  8. Fire & Water contains too much artifice to swallow.
  9. Fire showcases the still-maturing, melodic, sometimes very heavy post-hardcore that Thrice is forging a career out of, minus any of the emo inclinations from the band's earlier records (no whining, some screaming). By contrast, disc two, Water, focuses on Thrice's reenactment of Radiohead circa Kid A, with 27 minutes of internalizing, electro-glitch pop steered around by up-front, friendly vocals.
  10. Together Fire and Water form one of the most breathtaking albums of the year. [Nov 2007, p.166]
  11. 70
    The results are fairly stunning. [Nov 2007, p.125]
  12. This smart and fascinating album could use some subtlety, rather than bashing the concepts into the earth.
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  1. Jun 27, 2013
    Exceptional. Conceptually sound, strongly written, tightly preformed. While perhaps not of the same accessibility of its 'Earth/Air' sibling, this is one of the strange and wonderful instances of a concept album coming out in spades. Full Review »
  2. Dec 5, 2011
    I do not believe that Fire and Water is Thrice's best album but its definately no Vheissu. That said, It doesnt deserve the absurdly low rating it has. The fire section of the album is strong and.... explosive, as fire should be; but the album glows on the water section. Digital sea and The Whaler makes are different from anything i've heard before in my life and are both held in high regard. Alchemy index suffers because of the friction created from the 2 different types of sounds used but music lovers of any kind should at least like the water section. Full Review »
  3. Nov 28, 2011
    Amazing album. For me it was very memorable, especially lyrically; Dustin keeps writing amazing lyrics that just blow my mind over and over again with every piece they release.
    The hiatus they just announced was truly devastating for me...
    Full Review »