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  • Summary: The indie rock quartet led by music producer Jace Lasek and his wife Olga releases its second album on the Jagjaguwar label.
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  1. on their third album, the combination of Canadian indie (Broken Social Scene), psychedelic ’60s rock (Love), cosmic ’70s pop (ELO) and shoegaze (Ride) is nothing short of beautiful.
  2. Are The Roaring Night is by no means a perfect record, and there are minor flaws to stand alongside the frequent moments of brilliance, but what cannot be questioned is how skilled they are at shaping layers of sound to form an enveloping whole, with each overlapping texture or shifting tempo plunging the listener further and further into the darkness.
  3. Q Magazine
    The enveloping crescendos of "Albatross" define the album's blend of beauty and pure power in a record that puts "classic" back into classic rock. [Apr 2010, p.106]
  4. With Are the Roaring Night they delve deeper into the glittering soundscapes that have become synonymous with their sound; sacrificing something of the warmth that marked their previous work, they nonetheless emerge with a thoroughly impressive, coherent whole.
  5. Roaring Night is an immersive, captivating experience, beautifully lush yet uncompromisingly powerful.
  6. The moments between these wonderfully huge rock songs, where they try to pull out the tension in scant atmosphere, can drag on a bit as the record moves, if only because we know the size that follows them will be so damned engaging.
  7. The geeky technique on Roaring Night occasionally trumps its simple pleasures. But it's sort of like a serious foodie restaurant: Take time to savor it, and you'll be transported.

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  1. Feb 26, 2014
    More of a continuation of ...Are The Dark Horse than a stand alone LP, but still strong enough to warrant a high rating due to its ambitiousMore of a continuation of ...Are The Dark Horse than a stand alone LP, but still strong enough to warrant a high rating due to its ambitious to blend more electronic sounds into their epic compositions, and swapping gleaming bright in their storytelling for ominousness. It weaves in a slightly different light, but is within the same realm. Expand

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