The Future Will Come - The Juan MacLean
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  • Summary: This is the second album for the electronic artist from Rhode Island.
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  1. The Future Will Come is, by and large, a fun ride, all squiggly synth wah-wahs, airy vocal coos, and funked-up drums that beg for--and sometimes, as on the giddy closer 'Happy House,' deliver--more cowbell.
  2. The Future Will Come is the kind of album you could listen to loudly in a club, or at home with some headphones and it would suit either. Welcome back intelligent dance music, we've missed you.
  3. Maclean is clearly a scholar of electro/disco and each number is exquisitely arranged and executed, every synth sound modulates just so as it fades, every reference point lovingly rendered and the whole thing is buffed with a contemporary polish that eschews none of the off-kilter humanity that keeps disco delightfully distinct from its explicitly mechanised dancefloor cousins.
  4. While MacLean isn’t a self-conscious wit, he’s never seemed too invested in trying to not sound silly, and it doesn’t cost him. Sometimes, when the darkness gets heavy, his limitations add a much-appreciated levity. As Brody Stevens might say, “Enjoy it.”
  5. The Future Will Come blooms incrementally, driven from the ground by the grittiest keyboard performance heard on a dance album in some time.
  6. This is just the album to inspire you to turn your bedroom into a disco. [Spring 2009, p.79]
  7. The Future Will Come sticks too closely to a familiar middle ground that might be functional for the dance floor but ultimately offers diminishing returns in other settings.

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