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  1. Mar 29, 2012
    First album from the now acclaimed American 5 piece recorded when the group were part timers. I came across this band through Alligator so you'll have to forgive that it's hard to talk about the album without thinking of the albums that followed this one. This record is much more than just a snapshot of the early stages of a great band. AlthoughIt is a really good album in it's own right but it has to be said the band really hit another level later in their career. It's got a lot of the raw materials that the band later used to make some of the best records of modern times. This record is less complex than their later work but sometimes that works in favour of this album. For the most part this is a quiet but pretty dark acoustic-rock album and at times it borders on country. It really does have some real gem's on it (Theory of the Crows and Son are the highlights for me), The amazing thing is the more experienced the band have become, the better they have gotten. An album well worth having and a band you'll struggle not to love. Expand