The Needle Was Traveling

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  • Summary: 'Needle' is the Morr Music debut for the German duo of Ronald Lippok (who is also in To Rococo Rot) and Bernd Jestram.
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  1. Shrewdly combines peculiar electronics with melody without ever letting either genre gain the upper hand.
  2. The production is lush and crystalline, and the melodies are dense and aplenty.
  3. The Needle Was Traveling is that rare album filled with an electronic-acoustic amalgam that is ideal for day and night listening, which impacts the memory and the libido, and whose combination of lyrics and melodies is immediately catchy yet consistently prompts rediscovery.
  4. Urb
    Mini-symphonies of machine hum and orchestral swoop. [Apr 2005, p.109]
  5. While the new album doesn't quite topple 1998's Silur from its Tarwater throne, The Needle Was Traveling is certainly a more than credible addition to the band's discography.
  6. Uncut
    There's less emphasis on programmed beats and samples and a greater dependence on live instrumentation. [Apr 2005, p.114]
  7. The Wire
    Pop itself is not a problem, it's just that in Tarwater's take on it nagging tunes and interesting textures are in short supply. [#253, p.65]

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