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  • Summary: The Bay Area's Josh Davis (aka DJ Shadow) finally returns with a proper full-length follow-up to 1996's groudbreaking 'Endtroducing,' which achieved near-legendary status for its imaginative use of samples (a style that would later be adopted by acts such as The Avalanches).
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  1. The overall effect is less grand than that of Endtroducing six years ago, popper and rocker and r&ber. But an overall effect there is, grounded in Shadow's trademark-tremendous bass 'n' drum.
  2. The Private Press is a more diverse collection of styles and sounds, and still surpasses anything else out there.
  3. In essence, it's a younger, fitter and infinitely hipper version of what Moby is doing.
  4. The record sounds like it came a year or so after Endtroducing--which is to say, it goes a little deeper in summoning Gothic textures and awesome drum samples, and arrives as a delayed, well-fitting follow-up to a landmark.
  5. 80
    Two long, draggy pieces near the end of The Private Press are its only intimations of mortality. [Jun/Jul 2002, p.102]
  6. It feels like the work of a man groping his way, fastidiously but uncertainly, towards the next level.
  7. It was probably inevitable, but having raised the bar so high for cut-and-paste music, Shadow spends a little too long here looking up at it. [Jul 2002, p.96]

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  1. May 7, 2011
    Don't hesitate to buy this amazing DJ Shadow album. It may never be as great as "Endtroducing", but it still blew me away. His talent to sample music from other artists and make them his own is amazing. He flawlessly creates beautiful songs that flow together wonderfully in this album. The songs that I would recommend are "Fixed Income", "Giving Up The Ghost", "Six Days", "Mogrel...Meets His Maker", Right Thing/GDMFSOB", and "You Can't Go Home Again". Get up from your computer, run down to the the nearest music store, and buy this album! Expand

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