The Slow Wonder - A.C. Newman
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  • Summary: This is the first solo release for Carl Newman, who can also be found leading indie-rock supergroup The New Pornographers as well as the (now defunct) Canadian power-pop band Zumpano.
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  1. Positive: 19 out of 21
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  1. The most amazing power-pop album I've heard all year.
  2. True to its title, The Slow Wonder is a much more relaxed and toned-down, yet no less complete listen than Electric Version or Mass Romantic.
  3. Carl Newman deserves every last bit of praise thrown his way. In a better world, he would be our Elton, our Todd, our McCartney, and Slow Wonder would be on everyone's iPod, rotating on M2 hourly, and his name would be on the lips of everyone from aged Royalty to teen-aged girls.
  4. It’s an impressive display of the sort of catchy and fun (natch) music that Newman can make, even without the substantial talents of his usual collaborators.
  5. Fans of the New Pornographers will find Slow Wonder not quite as rocking (though "Miracle Drug" features some crackling guitar work), but possessed of just as many memorable hooks and choruses.
  6. 70
    A terrific joy bomb of power chords and power-pop keyboard riffs. [#27, p.142]
  7. Though there's little of the powerpuff zoom associated with the New P's here, uptempo grins like "On the Table" make denying the pleasantness of it all impossible.

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