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  1. The Truth Is Here is his second perfect disc in that many years and just earned a spot in my Top Five Alive column.
  2. Ali can do this, can take the familiar, the overly confrontational, even the trite and overdone, and make it riveting, because he has a voice that strains syllables so that the meanings of his words are made perfectly clear--you can't escape what he's saying--and a flow that loads and unleashes relentlessly.
  3. 80
    Ali's lyrics and Ant's production have more to say in a few bars than most MCs and producers are able to in an entire song.
  4. Whether this is your first foray into Ali’s catalog or you’re already a seasoned fan, there is no reason to not check this out.
  5. The EP serves its purpose quite well as it gives fans just enough to keep you craving a Brother Ali full length, but holds back enough so they will appreciate the full length once it arrives.
  6. No one aspect of Ali's personality really dominates. The Truth Is Here is all the stronger for it, and that can only be considered a good sign.
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  1. TerjeM
    Jun 8, 2009
    I might get bashed for this, but this is yet another album that sounds like it could be shat out of another rappers ass. Som original beats though. Lyrics are mostly lower than average with a few good lines once in a while. only my opinioin, but this isnt worth my money. Full Review »
  2. WillD
    May 19, 2009
    Refreshing messages in a diamonds-on-my-chain hip hop era. Nice beats, insightful lyrics.
  3. JeffC
    Apr 20, 2009
    This album is absolutely amazing. Perfect in every way. lyrically and producer wise.