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  1. 75
    If Breaking Dawn were a group's fourth album, it would be the stuck-in-a-rut release that nearly breaks up the band. Luckily, the blaze-of-glory retirement album Part 2 is waiting in the wings.
  2. Nov 9, 2011
    Cee Lo Green's pre-"Fuck You" presence on the soundtrack to "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" last year seemed to signal an expansion of the series' indie-dominated musical brand. That opening-up continues here with tunes by hipster-rap MC Theophilus London and Green's pal Bruno Mars.
  3. Nov 9, 2011
    The most notable thing about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1 is its unabashed romanticism, and the album more than serves its purpose as a Twilight-branded wedding playlist.
  4. 50
    As with all of the installments, half are good, half aren't--all depending on your mood and tolerance for soft rock.
  5. 40
    It ultimately underwhelms, indulging too much in the melodramatic.
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  1. Nov 18, 2011
    The album loses the mythology well done and the sound of the previous films, but the songs are more catchy than before.As musicas trazem um novo sentido a franquia,não com a mesma banda e o ritimo,mas é mais facil de identificar o tema musical no filme Full Review »