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  • Summary: "A Thing of the Past" also features guest appearances by Vashti Bunyan, the Chapin Sisters and Michael Hurley
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  1. This is a great album, possibly the finest covers record in recent memory, and it’ll take some beating in 2008.
  2. More than anything else, there's a sense of contentment and pleasure that purveys the Things Of The Past that could have been lifted from the Summer of Love itself.
  3. Here, as elsewhere, Thing of the Past is as educational as it is delightful. [June 2008, p.148]
  4. Ultimately, this album probably won’t be the critical sleeper hit that its predecessor was-–it’s hard to find fault with the band’s playing, the choice of songs, and the overall premise, but Thing of The Past only nudges their art forward a bit from "To Find Me Gone."
  5. Thing of the Past is a perfectly pleasant, well-produced album that offers an authorized version of what Vetiver fans already unofficially know about the band.
  6. 60
    Thing of the Past contains no original songs (although it's unlikely that anyone without a nasty crate-digging habit will recognize most of these tracks), but Vetiver are awfully well suited to the material, and Cabic's vocals--sweet, smooth, and golden--shine.
  7. Vetiver, a band with loads of potential yet to be fully realized, can't help but come across on Thing of the Past like a well-orchestrated coffeehouse act with unusually exquisite taste.

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