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  • Summary: One of the major bands from the Brit-pop scene, Oasis' singles are collected in this two-CD compilation of their hits. Deluxe editions also include a DVD and a disc of songs performed for the 2009 iTunes Festival in London.
  • Record Label: Big Brother
  • Genre(s): Britpop, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, British Trad Rock
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Time Flies does a better job of rounding up the highlights from their patchy turn-of-the-millennium albums--actually, it emphasizes Heathen Chemistry almost a bit too much, with its five tracks outweighing the number of selections from Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory--and has space for selections from their smashing final album Dig Out Your Soul.
  2. 80
    Time Flies, though fun, is no more than a handy place to nab all 27 Oasis' singles in one unfilteresd, undescerning grab. [Jul 2010, p.124]
  3. Even with a number of hiccups in the assembly, what Time Flies does incredibly well is show how strong Oasis always was. Even when their album quality sagged a bit in the middle, their singles were top notch.
  4. The songs compiled here were the public face and sound of that--all-inclusive, heroic and, for the most part, bloody catchy. As eulogies go, it's not half bad.
  5. This utterly unnecessary but partially satisfying "complete" (says the sticker on the sleeve) singles collection manages to fall at the first hurdle by not including their first (and best) 12" from debut album Definitely Maybe, the shameless cocaine elegy Columbia.
  6. The selections from later albums-while not standing up to the quality of their predecessors--are the best of a sad bunch, making Time Flies a solid collection with the odd misguided moment.
  7. Not so much judgement on Oasis as a whole, but y'know, it's just not a fun best of. The second disc is 73 minutes long, contains only two tracks from the golden era, and after a while becomes not unakin to drowning in the colour beige.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Feb 5, 2012
    I glorious nostalgic feeling comes while listening to this album. The complete collection of all the singles released by Oasis in their entire career. The record is must listen for an avid britpop fan and to those who want to experience 'Oasis Mania' that had engulfed the world. Outstanding they were, they will always live in the hearts of millions! Expand
  2. Apr 20, 2014
    the best recopilation of one of the best bands of Great Britain, in a road, of 15 years, of the band, become to be the best band not only in England, it's to be around the world Expand
  3. Sep 9, 2011
    You'll be getting all of the greatest singles Oasis has to offer, though some of them may not be as good as others, you can always skip them or press the repeat button during songs like Wonderwall. Anyway, for the amount of tracks, this is a good buy. Expand
  4. Oct 15, 2011
    "Time Flies... 1994-2009" is a collection of every Oasis single released. It also happens to be a greatest hits track, since most of their singles are gold. This is a great buy. Expand
  5. Jun 1, 2011
    This outlines the whole album career of this band, the choice of singles was well engineered, my favorite is still Wonderwall. Great collection of Oasis. Expand
  6. Apr 10, 2013
    Derivative, basic and offensive to anybody who is not a pleb. The most overrated band of the last 20 years. Music for philistines. An example of marketing and image triumphing over substance. Their are thousands of musicians who can do what oasis do. Expand