Trill O.G. - Bun B
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  • Summary: The third and final album from Bun B's Trill trilogy features such guests as Drake, Gucci Mane, Twista, Trey Songz, T-Pain, and Young Jeezy.
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  1. It's awfully hard to name a bad track on Trill O.G. anywhere.
  2. 80
    The seasoned MC isn't exactly saying goodbye to rap. However, whenever he does decide to hang it up, Trill O.G. will surely go down as a testament to why Bun B is one of the trillest to ever do it.
  3. Trill O.G. is a decidedly clashing album. Bun B's old school tendencies are constantly at odds with genre conventions prevalent in today's scene. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.
  4. The best moments come when the MC delivers his street cred with both menace and wit....Two tracks with Drake don't quite succeed, as Bun seems to be adapting more toward the young superstar's style than actually collaborating with him.
  5. While Bun B's weathered voice and lyrical detail add weight to his words, there are a lot of predictable OG conventions on this overlong album.
  6. There's a weird outdated feel to the album; too many of the songs feel like attempts to cross over to a rap mainstream that barely exists anymore.
  7. Ultimately, Bun ends up feeling like a bit of a guest on his own LP, similar to Rick Ross' Teflon Don effort, and though Trill O.G. is full of quality-sounding music it simply fails to make any argument for its necessity to anyone but the most strident fans of Bun B's monolithic presence.

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