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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. True Love Cast Out All Evil is more than just a comeback, it's the best and most deeply moving album of his solo career.
  2. A fierce backing band, Okkervil River lends them drama, tension and a cinematic pomp that underscores the miraculous nature of Erickson's recovery.
  3. Erickson's voice transparent and vulnerable, the lyrics direct yet poetic, sifting through years of pain for signs of hope. With the exception of the howling "John Lawman," the music is contemplative and atmospheric, a mix of field recordings from the past and unfussy, live-in-the-studio interactions.
  4. While Erickson provided the 'text', Sheff had to present it with the right level of reverence, being careful to highlight, and not undermine, this record of struggle and redemption.
  5. A stunning LP that, in a just world, would do for Roky what the "American Recordings" series did for Johnny Cash.
  6. haps the greatest testament to the power of this album is that it's still a triumph minus the backstory. Subtract the legend of Roky Erickson, and you have an immaculate collection of dusty country gems and orchestral pop.
  7. This is a great record, full with a daring, hard-earned hope, and a deep emotion. And that's something a lot of records could really use these days.
  8. Not unlike Bob Dylan's Time Out Of Mind, this is an album by a grizzled veteran of rock's rougher roads who proves in his late career that he still has great work in him. Perhaps even better, Erickson sounds remarkably confident and optimistic; for all the tumult of his life, he's happy to be living it.

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