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  • Summary: The third album for the Swedish indie rock band is the first with Polyvinyl.
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  1. That we're still able to observe the funloving side of the band while also getting to see that there's more to them than that is what makes Two Thousand and Ten Injuries such a charmer. That their compositions sound more precisely constructed and flat-out better this time out doesn't hurt either.
  2. All 12 tracks on Love Is All’s new LP Two Thousand and Ten Injuries provide instant intrigue, and after 20 listens to the album – it’s that addicting--not one of the songs managed to lose its initial charm.
  3. Minor grumbles aside, however, Two Thousand And Ten Injuries is a deliriously fun listen, one that manages to suck you into its own little world for half an hour.
  4. With Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Love Is All have created another master class in yearning, defiant, confused and lovelorn indie-pop, the sort of record you wish you had by your side when you were stuck re-heating cheeseburger puffs* for minimum wage in one of Essex’s premier petrol station.
  5. As the hushed, but bubbly bass and stuttering snare give way to cavernous, shouted outero, Love Is All flaunts its expert capacity for restraint and tension-building--as if we needed more proof of how Love Is All is utterly in control of its pop craft. [Winter 2010, p.64]
  6. 60
    The record is a winning release, if not entirely novel, and the sound of a likable band honing their sound while refusing, somewhat obstinately, to alter it.
  7. Love Is All have turned down the sax, exchanging many of their former bursts of spunk for half an album that’s tighter and more heartbreakingly anthemic, and a remainder that drifts into directionless tedium.

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