Uh-Oh! - Tipsy
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  • Summary: The second LP from the eclectic San Francisco exotica/electronica duo.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 6
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  1. Suave yet sublimely ridiculous... most of Uh-Oh raises the stakes by escalating nearly every aspect to critical mass. [#153, p.88]
  2. Though Uh-Oh! wisely avoids overtly contemporary electronic styles in favor of exotica, lounge, bossa nova, soft rock, and analog synth tomfoolery, its 18 tracks are strangely amorphous, the aural equivalent of a lava lamp — equally kitschy and hypnotic.
  3. There's a shimmering sense of otherworldly grandeur at work here that captures the spirit of exotica better than any of the other so-called "revivalists".
  4. Tipsy's second album, Uh-Oh!, doesn't just rehash the mid-'90s martini-music comeback, it recasts it, ushering the exotica percussion, soaring strings, tinny organs and surf guitars of Combustible Edison and Esquivel into a brave new world of looped breakbeats and laptop trickery.
  5. Slipping dissonant, screeching bleeps into a placid, space-age bachelor pad schema seems oddly passive-aggressive, though not enough of either to pass as legitimately interesting.
  6. [Tipsy] painstakingly process small episodes of manufactured excess and thoughtless musical effect into tracks evoking the giddy pleasures to be found in running your favourite party tapes at the wrong speed. [#206, p.81]
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  1. oooahhh
    Sep 20, 2004
    love it hate it its great!