Un Dia

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  • Summary: This is the fifth album for the Argentinean artist.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 19
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  1. Molina has created a genre all her own, and Un Dia is its pièce de résistance.
  2. This is an adventurous and beguiling record that eschews the abrasiveness of Björk's more esoteric albums in favour of inviting the listener to explore its deeper reaches alongside the artist.
  3. Juana Molina has transcended mockery and doubters to follow her muse and succeed on her own terms.
  4. The organic lushness should please indie-pop fans reluctant to embrace synth music, while the emphasis on sound instead of structure holds appeal for fans of loop music who’ve grown bored of its now-familiar tropes.
  5. Filter
    "Son" was a hushed wonder, full of digital loops, whispered lullabies and surround-sound chill. Its dizzying template has mutated nicely on Un Dia. [Fall 2008, p.97]
  6. Listened to absentmindedly, its deep, rumbling groove and overlapping rhythmic lines may initially seem nothing more than an artfully assembled soporific swirl. Live with it a while, though--give it time and space in order that it may weave its beguiling spell--and delights aplenty unfurl.
  7. Q Magazine
    The likes of Los Hongos De Marosa glide by in a swirl of subtle beats and understated Spanish vocals, but nothing snags the ear. [Nov 2008, p.118]

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