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  • Summary: The third album features the return of founding member, Jamie Thompson.

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Switched On
I've put on something you can't switch off I won't buy, you won't cry I know i will and you know how it feels on the northside on the southside they... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Each maintains a newfound cool, which must be the result of Islands’ principal dudes realizing that they could live without one another, but that they’re far deadlier songwriters together.
  2. This whole album is good, just know that up front.
  3. Vapours benefits from its willingness to engage its detractors, tighten up its muscles, revel in the strengths of its songwriting and show yet another angle to the music of Islands.
  4. Where "Arm’s Way" was mostly excess without limit, Vapours is tightly-controlled, yet still roiling beneath the surface.
  5. Though there is an overall whiff of the 1980s about Vapours, it sidesteps the traps of either sounding trendily vintage or indistinguishable from the rest of today's Reagan-era impostors. It works best, however, to think of the album as a return to "Return to the Sea," only, as its title suggests, in a hazier, less opaque form.
  6. Showing more than a trace of the bombast of Arm's Way, a couple of songs like 'Drums' and 'Shining' collapse under their own weight and are the only things that keep Vapours from being Islands' best work. Still, this is a welcome return to form for the band.
  7. Under The Radar
    Vapours doesn't offer listeners much of anything new. [Fall 2009, p.64]

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