Walking With The Beggar Boys


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  1. After a few listens Walking With the Beggar Boys reveals itself as a near perfect little pop record.
  2. Heavily influenced by the stylings of '60s and '70s groups like the Byrds and the guitar rock of T. Rex, Elf Power's effort at mature songwriting simply plays out as FM-lite.
  3. Walking with the Beggar Boys sounds askew, a puzzle whose pieces don't fit properly. This sort of disjointedness can sometimes make for intriguing work, but here it just feels obligatory and slightly stunted.
  4. Under The Radar
    Elf Power seems to be confined by the pop formula rather than doing much to improve upon it. [#7]
  5. Elf Power has made its most straightforward album--and, perhaps not coincidentally, cooked up its most winning batch of songs.
  6. Entertainment Weekly
    Misty mountain pop written in the spirit of punk. [9 Apr 2004, p.84]
  7. Alternative Press
    About as riveting as a glass of water. [Jun 2004, p.97]
  8. It is somewhat disappointing that they would play it so safe at this stage in their creative life.
  9. Walking With the Beggar Boys has so few bells and whistles that it might not make it through your earwax on the first listen, but these songs are the most rewarding the band has created.
  10. As beautiful as many of these songs are in terms of immediacy, their lackluster instrumentation never allows them any lasting appeal.
  11. It’s the sheen and almost reflexive attentiveness to commercial accessibility that’s placed on a good handful of the songs that can make them sometimes fail or falter or seem weaker than they truly are.
  12. Walking emphasizes songwriting over gimmickry; even divorced from the studio fireworks, the tunes are engaging, hummable, memorable, and will only grow more so with repeat spins.
  13. The quintet moves easily from straight ahead, if slightly-fractured rockers, to fine slices of cerebral sonics.
  14. Beggar Boys may not change anyone's view of the band, but it is another strong outing in what is turning into a pretty consistent body of work.
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  1. BrianM
    Apr 12, 2004
    This album was my first exposure to Elf Power. There's not a bad song from beginning to finish. Solid album and beautiful melodies This album was my first exposure to Elf Power. There's not a bad song from beginning to finish. Solid album and beautiful melodies that'll keep you humming for hours. Best album released this year. Full Review »