We Are Him


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  1. Gira's range of tone and emotion is given open pasture here, and We Are Him is one his strongest, most horrifically hypnotic works yet.
  2. Even in this mellowed state, Gira's still never going to be a majority taste, but Angels of Light come up with a thoroughly respectable and diversely arranged vehicles for his vision on We Are Him, traipsing through an array of interesting moods without diluting the leader's offbeat visions.
  3. From start to finish, the instrumentation and production on We Are Him is immaculate
  4. On We Are Him--Gira's sixth and arguably most engaging album as Angels of Light--he lands some of the best of those complete releases.
  5. Under The Radar
    The results are staggering and more than worthy of all of the praise. [Summer 2007, p.72]
  6. Magnet
    We Are Him arguably surpasses his work with his old band merely by simplifying things a bit. [Fall 2007, p.90]
  7. The tenderfooted wandering of the We Are Him’s final third make it less compelling than its flagellating first half but have patience; Gira always gets there.
  8. We are Him is more varied in texture, more resolute in execution and, to the probable amusement of Gira’s long-term coterie, an altogether darker disc.
  9. It’s a choppy album, it never settles into any sort of rhythm, and the moments that stick, that haunt you for days after you’ve heard them, are few. It is, however, still a very, very good album by a wonderful artist who steadfastly refuses to go gentle into that good night.
  10. 70
    Akron/Family provide consistent backing, but it's Gira's array of violins, "krautabilly" electric guitar, accordion, and choral vocals that turn the tunes inside out.
  11. Despite not being my personal favorite, the album may in fact be Gira’s most poignant statement to date, one that succinctly encapsulates Angels of Lights’ every driving thrust since "New Mother."
  12. The songwriting is simply the biggest flaw of We Are Him, and in an album so reliant upon the vocal performance, it's a flaw that's too hard to ignore.
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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    These songs are a meditation. I listen to them while I work on my novel. They have low points that some will find boring and climax in waysThese songs are a meditation. I listen to them while I work on my novel. They have low points that some will find boring and climax in ways that others will find too stressful. The music is more about experiencing the emotions and feelings, than it is about being pleasant. There are probably six songs that I find constantly on my playlist. Six good songs, to me, is a lot for one album. I recommend We Are Him and How I Love You, if you're considering an Angels of Light album. Full Review »