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  1. Positive: 3 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. These gals are older, more cohesive, and more enchanting than before, plus Maxim-approved.
  2. On the Missy Elliott-assisted 'Bad Girl,' the group croons about its seductive ways over heavy drums, while the bass-laden 'Sucka for Love' finds it confessing to being "addicted to kissing and hugging/touching and rubbing."
  3. 70
    While DK's quest for pop domination falls short, the club-friendly Dollhouse cements their posh appeal. [May 2008, p.70]
  4. Dollhouse is a solid collection of appropriately vacant party jams, slinky come-ons, and modern, urban balladry.
  5. Ultimately the album is merely a reward for sitting through a season of reality-show high jinks.
  6. On one song after another, they sing about sex with all the feeling of fresh-from-the-factory mannequins.
  7. Welcome to the Doll House is a paler, plainer recycling of their debut.
  8. Unlike their modestly appealing and tuneful debut, this disc from the girls of the "Making of the Band" series is generic and vapid, seemingly geared more for the strip mall than the strip club.
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  1. AngeeG.
    May 4, 2008
    This ci is hottt for the summer..I guarantee you will be hearing alot more of Danity Kane this summer....They have songs that make you wanna dance, and gurlz, I mean dirty dancing. It has helped my sex life, SWARE! I cant wait for the tour! These girlshave proven themselves...look at their record sales compared to some of the veterans who released around the same time......Go buy it....u wont be dissappointed! Full Review »
  2. JamesS.
    Apr 27, 2008
    This sophomore effort from Danity Kane is undoubtfully amazing. Each track has it's own originality, and they brought it back with their hit single, "Damaged". For awhile many people thought they were not going to make it in the industry because they were a one hit wonder. But now with this album, they are showing what they got! 1. Welcome to the Dollhouse - 9/10. It is a great intro to the album. The beat is really "dollyish", and gets you ready to enter the "Dollhouse". 2. Bad Girl - 9/10. Definitely a dance track. It has so much to offer. I personally think it will be the second single. C'mon! Missy Elliot is on it! 3. Damaged - 9/10. It was a great first single. It has a nice pop beat that introduces the album to audiences. It will attract the "pop" culture. 4. Pretty Boy - 10/10. This song is FABULOUS! I remember hearing it for the first time, and I hated it with a passion. It grew on me after awhile. Even then, I didn't really LOVE it. Then I heard the album version, and there was so much editing that was done to it. It's AMAZING! 5. Strip Tease - 9/10. Currenty, it's one of my favs. The lyrics may be a bit mature, but they are in their twenties. They can sing about that stuff. The beat is awesome, and I love Dawn on the track. 6. Sucka For Love - 7/10. I remember listening to the preview for this song, and I fell in love. The song is good. That's it. I love the chorus because it's catchy, but everything is bleh. The verses do nothing for me, and the bridge doesn't excite me. Definitely not the best on the album. I wish the verses were more catchy. 7. Secret Place - 8/10. It's a nice first interlude. There's not much to say about it. I love the beat, and the vocals are good, definitely Dawn. 8. Ecstacy - 8/10. There is too much rapping in the beginning for me. I love the song other than that. The beat is original, and I love the change of tempos. The bridge does it for me! Dawn hits that high note, and gives me chills! 9. 2 Of You - 7/10. I think it's a weak track. It's very raw, even though there is some editing done. It's definitely not one of my favs. 10. Lights Out - 10/10. I really love this song! Dawn did an amazing job writing this song. There is a lot of stuff going on in it that attracts me. The beat is awesome, lyrics are great, vocals are amazing. It's a perfect one to me. Plus, it's catchy! 11. Picture This - 9/10. Some real poetry right here. D. Woods and Aubrey sound great speaking the words to this interlude, and Dawn's backgrounds vocals are soothing. 12. Poetry - 10/10. I fell in love with this song when I heard the snippet of it. Then I heard the full version, and I fell in love again. There is so much harmony, and the emotion is displayed well. Love it! 13. Key To My Heart - 7/10. My least favorite. It just doesn't do anything for me. The beat is off. And I'm just not attracted to it. 14. Flashback - 9/10. It's my favorite interlude. I wish it was a full song. The vocals are amazing, and it's so full of soul. 15. Is Anybody Listening? - 9/10. This is a nice song. I think there was lots of emotion displayed. I really like slow songs by Danity Kane because of the soul in their voices. Plus, it has a great message in the lyrics. 16. Ain't Going - 9/10. It's great! That's all I can say. The boys and DK sound great. I was expecting a little bit more from it though. Full Review »
  3. RayjayM.
    Apr 14, 2008
    What a waste of money. There are too many girls and no focus. This album goes down with the rest of the overproduced, undertalented, and sadly mistaken wannabes who will be forgotten in 5 years. Full Review »