What Comes After The Blues - Magnolia Electric Co.
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  • Summary: This disc marks the first new studio recording for the Jason Molina-led four-piece since he dropped the Songs: Ohia name. (Just to be confusing, however, the new band name was the title of the last Songs: Ohia album.)
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  1. Once upon an Axcess and Ace, this was a musician who would let his timid voice and simple themes sink in until they were a full part of the consciousness. Now, and more so than on the MEC premiere, strings, slide guitar, peddle steel, banjo, violin, trumpet, and piano are filling in every cranny to create less of a full-on effect, but an equally satisfying rash of strong songs.
  2. The first five tracks just feel like the opening act for the stripped-down, twangy acoustic trilogy that closes out the album. [May 2005, p.172]
  3. 80
    Molina's songs achieve the kind of epic, majestic sweep his ambition and talent have long suggested. [Jun 2005, p.104]
  4. A plaintive, low-key affair that sounds like a full retreat from the grand, thumping Magnolia Electric Co. and live Trials & Errors.
  5. A record of quiet fire, fueled by an electric/acoustic guitar dynamic and the determined waver in Molina's vocals, which have strengthened considerably since Songs: Ohia.
  6. Heralds a move from mine-shaft fug to West Coast freeway haze. [Jun 2005, p.120]

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