Wild Mountain Nation

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  • Summary: The Portland-based indie band releases its third album.
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  1. Wild Mountain Nation keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it’s a fine piece of music.
  2. If you're down with the diversity and can sit still while the band tears through every idea it has left, Wild Mountain Nation is a revelation from beginning to end.
  3. A surprising record and a mess of contradictions--an okay band making a great record, classic rock songcraft made contemporary through sheer force of will, a quiet and loud album simultaneously, dancing along the lo-fi/hi-fi binary, a fucking record about Appalachia made by dudes from Portland!--that thrillingly, thinly, radiantly congeals.
  4. Thirteen songs of to-ing and fro-ing should leave anyone exhausted, but somehow this band's wide-eyed, sweaty-browed energy--the sound of indie rock with a heart full of adrenalin and affection--keeps on pumping the blood.
  5. With Wild Mountain Nation they present a raucous and varied constellation of souvenirs, rough-hewn but lush, crackling with a weird and lucid energy.
  6. Part of the album's appeal is its lo-fi production values. These songs are clearly built on analog four-track recordings and then embellished with overdubs.
  7. Wild Mountain Nation is indeed a rare gift--a music reviewer’s dream come true.

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