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  • Summary: The second album for the British trio was produced by Jim Abbiss and features Peaches as a guest singer on one track.
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  1. 90
    Shoniwa is both impulsive and precise: Every string-swept disco flourish or arena-rock guitar break heightens an unflappable poise that bypasses rote R&B melisma for soul-shaking celebration.
  2. The Noisettes have done a stylistic handbrake turn for the follow-up, and come up with an intoxicating blend of pop, soul and disco. [May 2009, p.116]
  3. The songs on Wild Young Hearts are well written, and the band is tight. They put me in the mind of Earl Greyhound, those three-piece sets that really work.
  4. They retain their idiosyncrasies and their sense of history, and it’s these things that give this record an identity of its own, and make the Noisettes so very easy to love.
  5. No one's perfect, I guess, especially when they're trying to go from one-note to every note in the space of a single record. Sadly, though, that means that the dancier stuff, though I want to like it so much, is Wild's main casualty.
  6. 62
    The trio establishes catchy lyrics and feet-tapping rhythms, but the words are plain and the beats sound too familiar to reach dance ecstasy.
  7. The musicians are capable, it sounds fine, the songs aren’t bad by any means. But none of those descriptions are exactly praise--only one or two songs stand out in my mind when I’m not actively listening to the album, but active listening doesn’t give back the kind rewards that we expect from the non-pop records that usually require it.

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  1. Aug 25, 2010
    This album is a masterpiece. Do I really need to say much more? The pinnacle of great Indie-Rock, tied in with the deep, emotional andThis album is a masterpiece. Do I really need to say much more? The pinnacle of great Indie-Rock, tied in with the deep, emotional and figurative style of "Atticus" and "Sometimes", this album offers everything. Every song, a likeable and catchy tune with the constant feeling of an album that has been made with genius, mastery and professionalism. It is rare that an album comes along with which every song is brilliant; this is one of those rare examples, and should be one of the albums on your Indie list. To go with it are an amazingly artistic guitarist and an amazing Amy-Winehouse-esque singer Shoniwa. This is a band that really knows their stuff, and have produced two according albums in consequence. Expand