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  • Summary: This is the debut for the new band led by Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis (here on drums), joined by members of psych-rockers Feathers.
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  1. Witch manage to do a lot more in forty minutes with little more than a bunch of badass riffs and a decent rhythm section than most metal bands these days can do with seventy minutes.
  2. There's something really interesting about the way these two conflicting styles fit together here, a groove for headbangers with flowers in their hair.
  3. A bona-fide motherfucker of a stoner jam. [May 2006, p.170]
  4. This is essentially one solid, irresistible 40-minute groove.
  5. Doom metal fans will certainly approve of Witch's self-titled debut.
  6. What does all this mean to the casual music fan? Invest in a reissue of Jeff Beck's Truth.
  7. It's speaker-shakingly loud yet somehow far too chilled-out to be anything but background music.

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