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  1. Her voice shares the same dusky, stained-glass quality as Chan Marshall’s, strident but capable of fracturing at any moment.
  2. Doiron's modus operandi is inward-looking and shy, whether she's whispering or, umm, singing quietly. It's a gamble in a look-at-me music world... Those with a taste for the unadorned, pretty, and emotionally striking, though, couldn't do much better.
  3. In reconnecting with her former Eric's Trip bandmates, Doiron rediscovers her edge, wrapping her warm, frayed vocals around awkward and occasionally dissonant melodies, layering multi-track self-harmonized phrases over heavyish rock-focused arrangements and crafting dynamic songs that leave you with a satisfying sense of being shaken up.
  4. Woke Myself Up is smart, arresting, and nimble; at 30 minutes, the only real disappointment is that it’s over too soon.
  5. Woke Myself Up captures the wide range of sounds and emotions of her music, and all the nuances of them as well.
  6. As always, the directness of Doiron's writing and performing is subtly compelling.
  7. Though Woke Myself Up is a group project, one still gets a sense of it having been recorded at home, amongst friends. They seem to be having a nice time of it.
  8. Kind-hearted and disarmingly earnest, Doiron's music remains as resistant to curmudgeonly critique as it is to over-exuberant hype.
  9. Doiron's sometimes off-kilter vocal arrangements are a perfect match for her lyrics.
  10. Uncut
    Reuniting her ex-bandmates adds a rock impetus to Doiron's more fragile solo work. [Feb 2007, p.74]
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  1. JamesT
    Apr 30, 2007
    7 with an extra for the presence of ex-Eric's Trip members bringing a bit of rock back to her wistful melancholy.